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Thursday, February 21, 2008

What is "Fasiq"?

I read this report in The Star online today. I find it really interesting on Shahidan Kassim's statement (verbatimly extracted from The Star online): -

When asked about talk that he would not be contesting in this general election, Shahidan said, “In Islam, you should not obtain information from people who are fasik (sinner) (the emphasised in mine), instead you should be careful of them. If you want to get the truth, you must get it from the source.”

He used the word "fasiq". "Fasiq" is an arabic word which means people who go against Allah's instruction and do what Allah prohibits, but the person who is fasiq is still a Muslim. What Shahidan meant was if you want to get the information, get from those who are not "fasiq". Very interesting, Where can i find people who are not fasiq. Perhaps, it is very little. I am not saying that there is none. But even if I can find one, does that person who is not "fasiq" knows anything about election, more so about candidacy?

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