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Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Tension is over

That is how I describe the naming of the candidates for Perlis BN. From my reading in the newspaper report (The Star on line), the grassroots supporters torn down BN flags and some were reported to have sprayed red Pak Lah's posters. That's not all, some 65 UMNO committee members had tendered their resignation. These were due to the rumours spread out that Shahidan will not be defending his state seat (that he might contest in Parliament).

Well, is that people's power? Looks like it. Anyway, I think Shahidan must have done a very good job that could create tension in Perlis when rumours were spread out about possibility that he is not Perlis MB after the general election.

As for the 65 UMNO committee members who resigned, if it is true that they resigned due to the rumours, I would say it was an immature action. So now, with Shahidan going to retain his state seat, are they going to retract their resignation??? Laugh...Unless they wanted to show people power...

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