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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I am ready to go

That is what was reported in the local free daily, The Sun today. A statement from a long serving minister.

The minister was quoted as saying that whether he remains as the president or steps down will be decided by his own community and not others. I think that is a very fair statement and request. If we don't like others to meddle in our own internal affair, leave others alone. Don't do what we don't want or like others to do to us. As simple as that.

However, the said minister went ahead to say that (now I better produce the excerpt from the newspaper), "If the Indian community in the whole country decide that they don't want me, I am prepared to go even now (emphasised is mine)".

In another paragraph, he was reported to have said this (again, the exceprts from the newspaper) "...adding that he would leave at an appropriate time. "If I leave the party now, MIC will go into disarray..." (emphasised is mine)"

What a contradictory statement??? At one time, he prepares to step down even now and later telling the bad consequences if he goes now. It is like, thanks but no thanks. This also reminds me when we were all small (as I believe, a lot of parents used this reversed physchology) when our parents would say, "panjatlah! panjat! jatuh nanti, siaplah!!! Sounds familiar??? hehehe

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