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Saturday, June 28, 2008

You May Leave Now...

The Selangor government had issued a letter said to be the termination of service of the Vice Chancellor of the state owned University of Industry Selangor (UNISEL). The VC, Datuk Dr Mohd Razali Agus was the second head of a state-owned establishment to have his services terminated in three weeks after the Director of Selangor Museum who was given the marching order barely about five (5) months prior to the expiration of her contract.
Maimunah's Contract
According to Khalid Ibrahim, the reason for early termination was to give way to young and fresh ideas in its exhibition methods. Really? When asked on his opinion whether a person who has reached 60 years of age (Maimunah was 60 when her contract was prematurely terminated), could still contribute the idea, Khalid had said that “Of course they can but naturally young people will have a 10-year plan while a 60-year-old has a one-year plan. I don’t want the museum’s officers to be its own artefacts."
Let me discuss the termination issue from legal and moral point of view. Under employment law, Maimunah's contract with the state government was said to be a Fixed Term Contract (Employment), which simply means that a contract is entered into between two (2) parties whereby one (1) party agrees to serve the other party for a stipulated fixed time or upon completion of certain project, if the first party was hired on project basis. In this case, Maimunah entered into a two (2) years fixed term contract. Under a normal fixed term contract be it on project basis or for a specified period of time, either party may terminate the contract by giving the other party a notice to that effect. However, in employment law, termination clause, though provided in the contract is not enforceable against the employee, in this case, it is Maimunah. If the employer, in this case Selngor State Government wanted to terminate the agreement, they must have a justified reason otherwise it shall be deemed as an unjust dismissal. Among others, justified reasons are if the employee breaches any of the fundemental terms of the contract or commit serious act of misconduct. In this case, Khalid was reported to have said that the reason for termination was to give way to young people who would have a better fresh idea as compared to Maimunah who might only be able to plan for one (1) year. It is for the state government to prove that Maimunah could only plan for one (1) year and that her successor can really plan for ten (10) years. If Khalid is unable to prove that, then the termination was a wrongful termination. But from the surface of the case, I can tell you that this is a clear cut case of wrongful termination.
Now, after having considered the termination to be wrongful, what are the legal remedies available for Maimunah against the state government? The only legal redress that Maimunah can seek from the state governmet is only her remuneration for the balance of the contract period at the point of her termination. And with the government has already stated its willingness to compensate Maimunah, here is no more legal avenue for Maimunah against the state government, as what the state government did and going to do are within their legal rights. Further, the Court does not hear issues on moral grounds.
On the same note, State Islamic Affairs, Malay Customs, Infrastructure and Public Amenities chairman Datuk Dr Hassan Ali was reported as saying that Maimunah was not sacked or terminated but had to be removed as she had reached the age of 60. I respect Dr Hassan Ali for his Islamic knowledge but in this case, I beg to differ. When we talk about fixed term contract, age is totally not a factor. It is very common nowadays for an employer to rehire its employees who have retired after reaching the retirement age on contract basis and such contract is called fixed term contract as I discussed earlier. That is why I said, when an employer hires an employee on fixed term contract, age should not be a factor. So, I regard Dr. Hassan Ali's statement as a statement made out of ignorance and with no basis at all.
From moral point of view, the state government should have been more appreciative in dealing with any individuals, be more sensitive and dealing in a very respectable manner so as not to cause any humiliation on the other party vis-a-vis the pride of the other party. What the state government could do was to just let Maimunah's contract to expire in five (5) months time. I did not think so that the state Museum was in dire needs to be revitalised and so urgently that they need a ten (10) years plan until they thought that five (5) months was too long a time and they just could not wait. Further the statement by Khalid Ibrahim that "I don’t want the museum’s officers to be its own artefacts" was uncalled for and not expected to come from someone sitting in a very respectable position. As a Menteri Besar and a former CEO of a GLC, Khalid should be more mature in dealing with such an issue and be extra cautious in passing any remarks. His statement was an insult to Maimunah and those employees of the museum. If Khalid thought Maimunah was too old for the position of Director of Selangor Museum at the age of 60, I think that Khalid Ibrahim, at 61 is too young to be the Selangor Menteri Besar.
While what the state government did was morally wrong, on the other hand, it was legally right (provided that they compensate Maimunah for the remaining period of her contract). As such, there is not much that Maimunah can do to seek legal redress in the Court of Law, as our Court deals ony with legal issue and not moral issue.
Dr. Mohd Razali's Contract
It was alleged by Dr. Razali that he received a letter of termination and there was no reason given. In his case, I am not sure whether it was a normal contract of employment (permanent in nature) or a fixed term contract (as discussed above) but looking at the statement by Khald Ibrahim when he talked about probation period, I believe that it is a normal contract of employment (permanent basis), as there should not be any probationary period in the case of fixed term contract.
According to Khalid, in Dr. Razali's case, it was not a termination but just a letter not to confirm Dr. Razali's position of VC of UNISEL at the end of his probationary period. In dealing with a probationery issue, the law recognise the right of a probationer to be similar as those of confirmed employee, i.e. in term of termination. What it means is that a probationer's contract of employment can only be termnated for just cause and excuse. If the employer, in this case the state government thinks that the probationer's performance during probationary period does not reach the minimum acceptable level, then the employer has every right to bring the contract to an end by not confirming the position provided always that the probationer has been duly notified of his/her weaknesses and ample opportunity has been given for the probationer to improve.
In this case, Khalid was reported as saying that Dr. Razali's probationary period was extended by the previous BN government and he assumed that the extension was given because the previous government did not satisfy with Dr. Razali's performance. There are normally two (2) reasons for extension of probationary period is given i.e. unsatisfactory performance or the employer needs more time to evaluate the performance of the probationer. That notwithstanding, since the state government has decided not to confirm Dr. Razali's position as VC of UNISEL, then the state government is duty bound to prove that every opportunity has been given for Dr. Razali to improve and that Dr. Razali has been duly notified of his shortcomings. If the state government fails to prove these two (2) elements, then the act in not confirming the position of Dr. Razali can be said to have been made in mala fide (bad faith), thus, wrongful termination. The fact that someone is under probation does not simply emplower the employer to bring the contract of employment to an end at the end of the probationary period.
A very interesting point to note is that Dr. Razali was a deputy vice-chancellor at University of Malaya for over four years prior to his appointment as a VC at UNISEL. I understand that a VC position is higher then the Deputy VC but looking at the scale of the two (2) institution, University of Malaya is much bigger as compared to UNISEL. In a way, it may also be presumed that the scope of responsibility of a Deputy VC in University of Malaya may be similar to that of a VC of UNISEL.
In conclusion, we need to be more sensitive with what we are doing especially if it involves the pride of others. What we think legally right may be morally wrong. In some situation, the moral issue supersedes the legal issue.

Disagreement is Good

The Prophet pbuh once said in his hadith that: -
"khilafu ummti rahmah"
which means "differences of opinion among my ummah (people) is rahmah (good)".
Why did the Prophet pbuh said that differences of opinion is good when it can lead to disunity? The answer is very simple. It is because when we have differences of opinion, we are able to ook at things from various angles and choose the best of all. When we have no differences in opinion, we may be seen to be united but we may not be able to reach the best solution in dealing with any one issue. An an example, in Islam we have four (4) mazhabs (school of thought) i.e. Maliki, Shafi'e, Hambali and Hanafi. During our normal daily life, we follow our mazhab but under certain circumstances, we are allowed to switch to other mazhab on temporary basis like performing haj (pilgrimage). In Malaysia, we follow Mazhab Shafi'e which says that our wudhu' (abolution) is void (I can't remember of any other words) if we touch someone from the opposite sex who are our non-mahram (those we can marry). While it can be enforced in our daily life but it is highly impossible to have the same rule when we perform haj especially during tawaf. So, in that situation we are allowed to switch to other school of thought that does not make our wudhu' void for touching our non-mahram. Imagine if in Islam, we only have one (1) school of thought and that is Syafi'e, how are we supposed to do our tawaf?
However, in our political scenario, Barisan Nasional always feel that they should be united. Yes I do agree with them that they need to be united to be strong but unfortunately at the same time they do not allow their component parties to have differences of opinion. In short, they (BN) remain united by not having differences of opinion. As I said earlier, when you do not allow your component parties to have differences of opinion, you may not be able to reach the best solution, thus you have the tendency to come to a wrong conclusion and this will make you very weak and BN are now indeed very weak. Not only that the BN component parties are not allowed to have differences of opinion among them, they may also be punished if they do. As a good classic example, the then Deputy Minister of Environment and Natural Resources, B Sothinathan of MIC was suspended from his ministerial post for three (3) months only for criticisng the government regarding the Crimea State Medical University (CSMU) in Parliament. In doing so, Sothinathan was said to have breaking ranks. Even Samy Vellu was a bit disappointed with the decision when he said that "Prime Minster has the right to take such action. I do not want to comment further". Click here
Another example was the then MP of Cameron Highlands, SK Devamany of MIC who in commenting about Hindraf rally said in Parliament that the rally had proved the failure of the government policies which do not benefit the Indians. As a result, he was asked to meet up with Najib Razak and the outcome was not very surprising when he made a 360 degrees u-turn when he expressed his regrets over his statement made in Parliament. Click here As a result, BN suffered a disaster when they lost many of the Indians votes during the last GE. Even Samy Vellu lost his stronghold Sg Siput seat.
So, when I read newspaper report about Shahrir Samad felt that his ability to be able to have all the BN MPs to support his motion on price increase as a victory and it shows that they are united even when they are at a weak point, I can't help but felt sorry and pity for him and his BN men for having such a mentality. They are living in their own fantasy believing that they are strong when they thought they are united. But are they really united? I doubt so. Put it this way. After reading what happened to Sothinathan and Devamany, what will happen if any of the BN MPs stood up to vote against the motion on the price increase tabled by Shahrir Samad? The least the MP will get is an honour to have a four-eyes meeting with Najib (and later express regret for going against the BN spirit of togetherness) and the worst is suspension (if the MP is adamant with his stance). So, what is so great of BN men being united in Parliament, or perhaps outside the Parliament for that matter when they have to be united and not that they want to be united? Nothing great. It was just their feeling to console their heart when being under pressure circumstances. Click here
Then, I read a report entitled "No Consensus in the Pakatan Rakyat Policy" written by Khoo Kay Peng who is a corporate consultant and an independent political analyst. Click here Towards the end, the writer wrote that Azizan’s stubbornness may be a good indicator and a warning bell for PR. Can the coalition stem its desire and lust for power and focus on putting its house in order or risk its own undoing?
Put it this way. PAS-DAP-PKR has never been in the same boat. They have their own principle and ideology. While PAS is adamant of setting up an Islamic state, DAP is strongly against such an idea while PKR is playing safe by being silent but in the end, they worked together and scored unbelievable victory in the last GE. So, what is a big fuss of Pakatan Rakyat being unable to be in consensus? No big deal.
So, which one is better? Differences of opinion but remain united or sharing the same opinion and seems to be united?
Biarkan Si Bedol terjun bersama labu-labunya (Let Si Bedol jump together with his men)

Media Barred From Parliament Lobby (Part 4)

Ok, this may not be the best part but it is a sign that the best part is not that far away from us. The idiot bugger brainless Minister, Nazri Aziz criticised the move by the BBC in removing the barricade restricting the reporters from the Parliament lobby. In his critics, he was alleged to have accused the BBC members of being childish and gangster-like in removing the red tape placed as barricade at Parliament lobby on Tuesday.
In response to the brainless bugger Nazri's uncalled remark, the BBC Chairman Tiong King Sing said the backbenchers felt insulted by Nazri’s remarks, adding that the BBC had checked with both Speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia and Nazri and both were not aware of the barricade.
Tiong had also said the BBC would hold a meeting on Monday to discuss the issue and decide on the next course of action to be taken, as they felt Nazri had gone overboard.
Now, in response to the BBC's response, this bugger Nazri had this to say: -
“I am expecting the BBC to recommend to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to sack me as a minister. If they dare not do that on Monday, then shut up and don’t talk anymore,’’.
For the second time, this bugger Nazri has again shown his immaturity and stupidity in dealing with the pressure (not really a pressure for me) after he claimed earlier that (refer to my same posting under Part 3) he was just an intermediary between the Executive and the Legislative and he has nothing to do with the ban.
Now, my conclusion thus far are: -
(1) This bugger Nazri is mentally retarded;
(2) He is childish and his response was a gangster-like because he seems to be overreact and unable to cope with the misunderstanding between all the parties when he challenged the BBC to recommend to Si Bedol who is 2x5 with him to sack him as a Minister;
(3) This bugger Nazri thought that he is untouchable but least that he knows that he is actually vulerable;
(4) Should the BBC really make a move to ask Si Bedol to sack him as a Minister this Monday and Si Bedol, knowing very well that he needs someone idiot like Nazri to please him, refuse to sack the bugger Nazri (as expected), I now dare Nazri to tell Si Bedol to shut up and don't talk anymore (I dare to bet people like Nazri who has no balls won't make such a move. If he dares not to ask Si Bedol to shut up, then I am telling him right here right now that he has to shut up and do not talk anymore;
(5) This bugger Nazri knows it very well that Si Bedol can't live without him and that was why he dared to challenge the BBC to ask Si Bedol to sack him. Further, he also knows it very well that the BBC are mature and smart MPs, thus they will not make such a move;
(6) To certain extent, I do think that my theory about Si Bedol appointed him (bugger Nazri) as a Minister to be in charge of Parliament (equivalent to Building Manager or perhaps in charge of maintenance...hahaha...but the salary is too high la Bedol) to meet his (Nazri) greed is with some basis;
(7) At last the BN MPs realised that this bugger Nazri is useless, stupid, idiot so on and so forth after people like you and me realised it long time ago. But better late than never; and
(8) If there are a phyton and this bugger Nazri in front of me, I would rather kill Nazri first before the phyton. Reason being, the damage that the phyton would cause is very minimal as compared to this bugger Nazri who is able to cause damage substantially.
Feel free to add to my conclusion if you feel that I overlook some.
On another note, I was a practising lawyer for almost four (4) years. Before I went into and during my practice days, I always thought that all lawyers are smart and intelligent professionals but not until I came to know that Nazri is a lawyer by profession and he used to be in practice. He is a disgrace to the legal profession.
The drama is not far from over. Let us see what happen on Monday.
In a nutshell, Nazri Aziz is bangang.

Friday, June 27, 2008

The Sportsmanship of Our Footballer

Two (2) mornings ago, I woke up early in the morning to watch the first semi final of EURO2008 between Germany and Turkey at Channel 817, which was won by Germany by a very slim margin of 3-2. But I am not here to discuss on or analyse the match. It seems that there were some technical problems, which resulted in the interruption of the live telecast. I switched to channel 103 (TV3) hoping that I could watch the match but TV3 also have the same problem. So, I switched to channel 812 and watched ESPN Sports News (Malaysia version).

There were so many sports news reported like Koo Kien Keat returning to training after accident, so on and so forth but what really captured my attention was the highlight news on Malaysia Cup match between Selangor and Sarawak, which was won by Selangor 3-1. Selangor's goals were scored by Frank Seator, Safee Sali and Akmal Rizal. However, none of the three (3) goals was celebrated by the Selangor's players. The first goal was by Frank Seator. After he had scored the goal, he sort like jogging to one corner of the field and raised his hands towards the crowds and no other Selangor players went to celebrate with him. Then he went back to the centre of the field. The seconf goal was scored by Safee Sali. The same incident, only one or two Selangor's players went to him sort of "gimme five" and I did not expect much when Akmal Rizal scored the third goal for Selangor. There were two other Selangor's player close to Akmal after he scored the goal. One player went to take the ball from the goal and the other went back straight to Selangor's half. There was no celebation at all. The way the Selangor's players reacted to the three goals as if they have scored tem goals. There were no excitement when their team members scores the goal.

Looking at the way the Selangor's players celebrate (actually I do not deem that to be a celebration) everytime they scores a goal (in fact not only Selangors' players but also other players from other teams in Malaysia), it serves as an evidence that there is no more excitement in our local football. I mean, when the players are not excited, what else can you expect from the fans? Their lack of enthusiasm also shows their lack of desire to win and to be successful. They were aimless in their games. I do not think they know what they are looking for? And no wonder our nation's FIFA ranking keep on deteriorating everythime FIFA issue the new ranking.
In the end, the lack of enthusiasm and desire to win on the part of the players and the unprofessionalism attitude on the part of the management brings disaster to our football. Our football is not going to experience the old glory days it used to have if the management and the players remain in the same attitude. Our football is dead unless we do away with all the deadwoods in our football's associations.
The key word here is the attitude. To be successful, we need to have the right attitude and at the moment, I do not see any of our football players and their management teams are having the right attitude to succeed.
If you want to see players with so much of enthusiasm in football, watch the match between Switzerland and Portugal in EURO2008. The Swiss went into the match realising that they were already out of the tournament. They played for their dignity after having lost the first two (2) matches to Rep Cech and Turkey. In the end, they won the match by beating Portugal 2-0. Look at the way they celebrate their goals. Simply amazing. The Swiss may be out of the tournament but with the right attitude and always hunger for victory, do not be surprise if they can become a Champion one day. Just like Greece did in EURO2004.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Media Barred From Parliament Lobby (Part 3)

Finally the brainsless Nazri Aziz made a statament on the ban issue. On the issue of banning the journalist, he had this to say: -
“I am the intermediary between the legislative and the executive, I am not involved.”
When asked about limiting the number of jounalist from the same press into the Parliament sitting, he had this to say: -
"Five is more than enough. If five is not enough then something is wrong with you all. It shows you are not efficient. It’s as simple as that".
In one instance, he knew what was going on and in another instance, which was interrelated with the first instance, he said he was just an intermediary and he does not involve. What a brainless statement from a brainless minister who does not have the intellectual faculty in him!!!
I called upon Si Bedol to strip this bugger Nazri Aziz from his ministerial post and that ten of thousand of RM paid to him every month can be used for better purpose.

What's Next?

(1) Indelible Ink

On 16/5/2007, The EC Chairman alleged that it was the cabinet who did not approve the use of indelible ink. In response to the allegation, Si Bedol had denied the same and saying that the cabinet was merely giving its views and it was up to the EC to decide. I have posted an article on this issue. Click here In the same article, I also said that either the EC Chairman or Si Bedol is a big time liar. And with the government in a way saying that the EC Chairman was not telling the truth, appropriate action should be taken against the EC Chairman under the Seditious Act as what they did to Raja Petra Kamaruddin on his article linking Najib with Altantuya. Among others, Section 3 (1) (a) of the Sedition Act provides that

A "seditious tendency" is a tendency -

(a) to bring into hatred or contempt or to excite disaffection...against any Government;

Now, by making those allegation, which the government said to be false, the EC Chairman had the tendency to bring into hatred against the government.

However, that bugger Nazri Aziz said in Parliament that no action is taken against the EC Chairman. The reason given by the brainless minister was not impressive at all and I do not bother to comment on that. If you want to read more, click here

It is very interesting to note that the government was very fast into framing charges against Raja Petra for his personal attack on Najib under the Sedition Act, when it was just a personal matter between the two of them but refused to use the same Act on EC Chairman when it is right for government to do so. What a double standard and blatant abuse of power!!!

In my previous posting, I have also put up a suggestion for the ACA to probe into the allegation made by the EC Chairman, as it involves abuse of power. But the ACA, until now is silent on the issue. If they (the ACA) were very intersted to commence probe against Yong Teck Lee for corruption based on just a statement made by a witness who was under oath in one court proceedings in KL (which means there was no need for a formal report for the ACA to start investigation), I just couldn't see the reason why the ACA refused to seriously look into the allegation made by the EC Chairman? The best conclusion that I can make here is that in Yong Tck Le's case, there was an instruction form the cabinet to investigate and there is none in the case of the EC Chairman.
Again, what a double standard by the ACA!!!
(2) Probe into Karpal Singh's Statement against the Ruler of Perak
This second issue is interrelated with the third issue, which I am going to discuss later. When Karpal Singh made a legal statement about the issue surrounding the transfer of the Director of Perak Religious Department, there was a big huha from the so-called Malay leaders. Si Bedol is not spared. He had instructed the Attorney General to speed up the probe into Karpal's statement as Si Bedol said "this case has created a lot of interest. At least nine (9) police report were lodged against Karpal and as the AG had received instruction from the PM, investigation was conducted and Karpal's statement was recorded. But what happened after that? Why was there an interest then but not now? As I said in my posting earlier, this was actually the cheap way for Si Bedol to win back the people heart especially the Malays after the dismal performance in 12th GE. It was politically motivated and the truth was that Si Bedol did not really care about the supremecy of our Sultanate Institution. I have posted an artcile before. Click here In conclusion, what I can suggest is that there may be an attempt to swep the whole issue under the carpet so as to enable them to make the public to forget about the police reports lodged against Si Bedol on the same issue as discussed below.
(3) Probe into Police Reports Lodged against Pak Lah
There were police reports lodged (I can't remeber how many but it was more than one) against Si Bedol as a result of his act in going against the wish of the Terengganu Palace in appointing Datuk Ahmad Said as the new Menteri Besar instead of Si Bedol's favourite, Idris Jusoh (I wonder, Si Bedol must have a big secret why he insisted of having Idris Jusoh). As s result of act of disrespect of Terengganu UMNO, who merely and blindly followed the wish of the PM, there was a banner put up with the word "natang" which was reportedly meant for the King. S, in this instance, I do not see any difference between Karpal's statement and Si Bedol's act of disrespect against the King. Several police reports were lodged against both of them but only Karpal was investigated and not Pak Lah. The question is WHY??? I believe it is because there was an instruction by Si Bedol for AG to speed up probe into Karpal's statement but there was no such instruction from Si Bedol for AG to probe him (Si Bedol). If that is the case, I can summarise here that police report alone is not sufficient for the police to start investigation. There must be police report and instruction from the PM.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Media Barred From Parliament Lobby (Part 2)

If you have read my earlier posting on the same issue, you would have agreed with me that "security" was an excuse and not a reason. It was just a cheap effort by Nazri Aziz to champion si Bedol. Perhaps because his name has not appeared in the newspaper for quite sometime, so he decided to do something, though stupid, to get the attention and cheap publicity.
So, at 2.15pm today, Bung Mokhtar the deputy Chairman BBC removed the barricade to allow the journalists to move freely as before. So now no more security issue? Well, they have to do that because the journalists have boycotted all the press conference. Hahahaha...
Let us wait and see Nazri's comment (another stupid comment to cover the earlier stupid instruction) on the latest move made by Bung Mokhtar to defy his stupid instruction.


Pterygium is a condition in one's eye whereby part of the white eye becomes reddish and there is some white thing (I don't know what is it called" encroached into the cornea. For better imagination of pterygium, the image below describes everything about it.


I was suffering from pterygium for at least the past five (5) years. When I said suffering, I do not mean like real suffer like when one suffers from cancer but with my eyes condition (both eyes), it caused me a lot of uncomfortable and irritation. My eyes would turn very itchy that made me to rub my eyes most of the time, which was not a god thing to do. But what choice did I have?

So, finally a couple of months ago, I went to consult an ophthalmologist, Dr. Tan Niap Ming at Twin Tower Medical Centre at KLCC. I knew nothing about her before I met her but on my first visit, I saw Tun Dr. Siti Hasah came out from Dr. Tan's room. Ok, I talked to myself that this fella must be someone good in this field as even Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah consulted her. I built my confidence in her and when I finally met Dr. Tan, she advised me that I need to the operation on both eyes to remove those reddish and the white thing n my eyes. However, she said that it is not so urgent and the thing may come back later, taking into consideration of my age factor, she meant I am still young for the thing to happen again. Aferall, pterygium does not have effect on my vision.

Pterygium is caused by two factors i.e. genetic and too much sun exposure.

Then I went for second opinion at Tun Hussein Onn National Eye Hospital in PJ and consulted Ophthalmologist, Dr. Zainal Mohamad. He told me the same thing as what Dr. Tan told me. But Dr. Zainal did tell me that as of now, the white thing has encroached into my cornea as far as 2mm, So, it was still ok. But if it has gone up tp 4mm, there is no other alternative but to do surgery, otherwise, I can afect my vision and that is the last thing that I want to happen to myself.

So, finally I decided to undergo the operation. It was done at the Prince Court Medical Centre. A bit about Prince Court, to me it is a first class five star hospital. As I entered the lobby, I felt like I was n a hotel and not hospital. The arrangement in the building makes you feel comfortable that to certain extent, I did not feel like I was in a hospital. Superb!!! But I was there of course because my Company was paying for my surgery. If it was my own money, I would have done it at HUKM or GH.

The surgery was done on 14/6/2008 (my right eye) and on 21/6/2008 (my left eye). Each surgery took about half an hour to complete. It was quite a simple operation. My eyes was given the anaesthetic before the operation and throughout the operation, I could see the scissor and whatever equipment the doctor used touched my eyes. But I was 100% confident with Dr. Tan so, I was not worry at all. How she did was she removed the affected tissue from my eye and replaced it with the upper right tissue in my same eye. Sound simple right? At then end of the surgery, my eye was covered for one (1) day. I was a pirate for one (1) day. Pirate of the Carribbean.

Myself after the first surgey on 14/6/208

After the surgery, I was shown the surgery process (which was recorded). It was scary I tell you. Looking at how the doctor pull the reddish thing and then cut it with the scissor just like a tailor cutting cloth to make baju kurung.

And now I am resting at home (not really resting because I am blogging right now). I was given medical leave for three weeks until 5/7/08. I am still in the process of recovery. So, my next badminton session with my friends at BNM is sometimes in September but close to fasting month. Looks like I have to hang my racket for quite some time. Penantian satu penyeksaan...

Media Barred From Parliament Lobby

It was reported today that administration of Parliament has ban reporters in most areas in the Parliament such as the lounge meant for MPs, cubicles for ministers, the bridge linking lobby to the next building where Prime Minister’s Office is located, mobile post offices and ATM machines. My, my, my...can't go to post office and withdraw money at ATM machine? This is too much right? But what was the motive behind the ban? According to Parliament administration, the ban was due to security reason. But what type of security? Any bomb threat? Any murder threat towards the MP? Why only now Parliament feels there is a security concern and not before? Why only after opposition won 82 seats and proposal for motion of no-confidence against the PM and not before? Is this another attempt to undermine our intellectual? I guess so because the instruction must come from none others than then the shallow minded Minister in the PM's Department who is in charge only for Parliament, the brainless Nazri Aziz.

It was also reported that the number of press conferences held at the lobby has increased recently with the stronger opposition in the Parliament. More ministers have been holding press conferences at the lobby. NGOs too have been meeting up with MPs at the lobby area. So, is this the "security" that they are talking about? I believe so. Well you know Nazri Aziz. How far can he thinks? Is it really security issue or just to please Si Bedol, so that Si Bedol always think that he is still popular to lead the government because with such ban, only five (5) journist are allowed to cover the Parliament. I guess with those five (5) journalist, is would be easier for Nazri to control the "actual" informaton from leaking out. But if the journalists are "threat" to Parliament, what about the public citizen who can go to Parliament to watch the debate? Does the ban also extended to them meaning they also canot go to ATM and post office? May be Nazri overlook on this aspects because if public citizen are allowed to enter the area banned for the journalists, then "security" is just an excuse. The journalists threatened to boycott Parliament sitting. There you go. Go ahead with the boycott. If they want to filter the information, let them just keep all the information with them. You guys can go somewhere else to get more interesting news that dealing with all these buggers. Click here

Whatever it is, only recently I came to know that Nazri Aziz is a Minister in Malaysia in charge of only one (1) building i.e. Parliament. I can't help my self but laughing like hell. Do we need a inister to be in charge of Parliament? Or is it one of the ways for Si Bedol to entertain the greedy by giving any ministerial post though such a post is not needed? I mean like what he promised to Yong Teck Lee? Shame on Si Bedol and especially Nazri Aziz. I still can't accept the fact that we need a full Minister to be in charge of Parliament. Perhaps Si Bedol still needs Nazri around because people like Nazri is able to make him happy and feel popular all the times and is always there to protect him (Bedol) but Si Bedol just could not find a suitable ministerial post to give to Nazri, as all ministerial posts requirethe incumbent to think and think and think, the crucial and critical part in human's ability that Nazri does not possess So, in the end, oklah Nazri, you take on Parliament, as you do not have to think and that position does not require you to issue intellectual statement. It is a waste of public fund to pay people like Nazri when we already have Zaid Ibrahim, Hamid Othman when we already have Zahid Hamidi and Sahrizat when we already have Ng Yen Yen. The country can save thousands of RM a month from the three stooges' monthly salary and allowances (minus the 10% cut on entertainment allowance, which is peanut - do you know that the 10% cut for the PM is not even RM2k?) and that will come about a million in one year and few more millions in four to five years.

Monday, June 23, 2008

From Bedol (Dolah Baduwi) to Najib...Any Difference?

We were told by Si Bedol that he has reached mutual agreement with Najib on the right time to transfer the premiership but the funniest part is that they have not fixed the date yet. Aiyahhh!!! These two jokers @ clowns, how can you know when is the right time when you have no date. How can that be? And worse still, how can that sort of arrangement be made by top two (2) leaders in the country? And Najib in his normal and usual style of bodekking (to please) Si Bedol, had this to say that he would not challenge si Bedol for power because as a "true Umno man" he would not risk destroying the party his father had built. My foot!!! True UMNO Man???!!! Hei Najib! Let me tell you, you are in the process of destroying UMNO and the Malays whether or not you become the PM. Click here

And Si Bedol had further stated tht he will hand over the Prime Minister’s post to him (Najib) ... "that’s for sure, there is no doubt that he is my replacement", said Si Bedol. Come on!!! There are only two (2) ways that Si Bedol will leave the PM post. Either the leadership of the country is taken over the PR i.e. Anwar Ibrahim or Si Bedol will lose to Ku Li in party election this coming December. In both situations, Najib will not be able to fulfill his dream to become the PM of Malaysia or rather his wife's dream to become Malaysia's first lady. Click here

On the other hand, Najib had this to say, "What’s the point of inheriting a position when you’re going to lose an election?”. Well, I guess Najib knows that he is not going to be the PM of Malaysia because there is no way he can inherit a party (UMNO) that will win in the election. You can wait, Najib but the time will never come. Click here

To me, the transition of power from Si Bedol to Najib is as good as transfer of power from Clinton to Bush or any America President for that matter because it does not make the world any better place to live.

Another Flip Flopping By Bedol Lah and Co. (This time, it is the big one!!!)

Early this month, the government or rather Si Bedol through his white hair "idiot" Minister, what's his name? Shahrir Samad huh!!! made an announcement in what now I see as a stupid attempt to con or rather to pacify the Malaysian citizen whom mistakenly had given them a mandate to run the country for another term during the last 12th GE when that bloody Shahrir anak Pak Samad said that petrol stations at the border were not to sell petrol to foreign vehicles. According to that bugger Shahrir, the move was aimed at plugging loopholes in the current subsidy system, was decided during an anti-inflation committee meeting yesterday. Click here Sounds impressive right? That time perhaps but not now. Why? Continue to read till the end. He also said that the move was temporary until they (Si Bedol and Co) come up with better management of our subsidy system. As I put in my earlier posting on this issue on 4/6/2008, (click here if that is the whole purpose i.e. to better manage our fuel subsidy and to avoid foreigners enjoying the subsidy which was meant only for the Malaysian, ban is not the answer. Foreigners should be allowed to buy petrol at any petrol station in the country whether near the border or otherwise but at the market price and not at subsidised price. But those bunch of idiot did not want to listen to people on the street like you and me. He thought since he has white hairs, he knows everything. Least that he knows that he know nothing about being a Minister. He only knows how to please and serve Si Bedol. That annoucement, which he tought was the best the he could do was made on 27/5/2008.

Then came the disaster to the Malaysian on 4/6/2008 when Si Bedol happily annouced the petrol price increse by 40% to RM2.70 per litre. I assumed that was the best "present" to the voters for allowing him to be in power by slim margin. The best part was that Si Bedol, in his usual "thinkingless" statement (making statement without thinking) also said that the petrol price would be reviewed monthly. Wow! What was that supposed to mean? To a reasonable man like you and me, it would me that from now on our petrol price would fluctuate according to the world crude oil price. Click here But don't forget that later Si Bedol promised us that there will be no more fuel price increase this year. He meant, at least until 31/12/2008. So, don't blame him if he raise the fuel price on the very first day of 2009. Wait!!! So, what happened to the monthly review? Huh!!!! A flip flop.

After the disasterous annoucement by si Bedol, the very next day on 5/6/2008, the brainless Shahrir said that the ban on foreign vehicles from buying feul at the border was uplifted. That was barely one (1) day after his boss, si Bedol increased the price and barely nine (9) days after he made the statement to ban the foreign vehicles from buying fuel at the border. But remember when he said the ban was just a temporary measure until they find better solution on hw best to manage our subsidy. So, nine (9) days later, suddenly he had found the better solution???!!! Crap!!! Bugger Shahrir said that "With the decision announced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to increase fuel prices, those filling up the tanks of foreign-registered cars are no longer enjoying subsidies accorded by the Government to Malaysians. “What they will be getting are only discounts so there is no longer a need to impose a ban,” Shahrir said yesterday. Click here To him, that was a better solution but to me, that was a con. That bugger and his boss si Bedol are real conmen.

Then, eighteen (18) days later on 23/6/2007, I mean today lah, another bugger, this time is Bedol's deputy, si Najib (I understand if you getting confuse because all the ministers are buggers) said that Government has agreed to implement a dual pump system at fuel stations in border areas so that foreigners do not buy fuel at subsidised prices. Wait!!!! What is this??? I don't understand...On 4/6/2008, that bugger Shahrir in announcing the uplifting on ban on foreign vehicles from buying pterol at our border said that it was no longer necessary to bar foreign vehicles from going to the petrol stations as the price of fuel now was close to that of the market. He went on to say that, "With the decision announced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to increase fuel prices, those filling up the tanks of foreign-registered cars are no longer enjoying subsidies accorded by the Government to Malaysians. “What they will be getting are only discounts so there is no longer a need to impose a ban,” Shahrir said yesterday.

If the foreign vehicles do not enjoy subsidy as annouced by bugger Shahrir, why then this bugger Najib said government would introduce dual pump system so that foreign vehicles does not enjoy subsidy. So, which is which? This is a real flip flop, not only by Si Bedol but also his yes men.

With this type of flip flopping government that we curently have, I urged, not only si Bedol but also all those buggers in his cabinet to step down gracefully without any untowards and unwanted incidents. I do not trust them anymore. I believe that many others outside there share the same opinion as mine. We do not neat liars to rule us. We do not need buggers to rule us. We do not need robbers to rule us. We do not need reedy people who cares none but themselves to rule us. We do not need yes men to rule us.

We do not need 20 reasons (dalil) to ask si Bedol and Co to step down as stated by Perlis Mufti. Click here When we want to do something, we just need one (1) reason to do it. We do not need more than one (1) reason. If we thought that we have more tan one (1) reasons, than that are excuses and not reason.

However, one (1) thing for sure, liars' place in the hereafter is in the hell. If they want to keep on cheating and lie to us, nothing much we can do because it is them who is going to hell and not us, but as Muslim brothers, we can advice them, which I am doing right now to step doen and stop from lying and repent.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

What Japanese Queens Race Think of Our Men

It was reported in today's The Start Online that the Japan GT Race Queens gave a very good comment about local men. In a simple words, this is how they summarised our local men - Good looking, nicely built and friendly. Good looking (ok), friendly (of course with the Sexy Race Queens) but nicely built (are they sure?). I thought most of our men are boroi (obessity)? They went on to say that local men smile a lot. Click here Of course our local men smile a lot with them. Look at the photo below. The photo speaks for itself and it tells a thousand words.

Photo from TheStar Online

EURO 2008

The group stage is over and now teams have gone into the first knock-out stage i.e. quarter final. Eight (8) teams have qualified for the q-finals. Our of four (4) matches, three (3) matched have taken place and Germany, Turkey and Russia have booked their place in the semi final. Now, it is left one (1) more place for the s-final slot to be decided between Italy and Spain. Which team will join the first three teams in the s-final.

A little bit of on-paper analysis here. I will look from record and historical point of view. Based on record, the frist three (3) teams that I have mentioned before were all runners-up at the group stage, which means all the group Champion were ousted in the q-final. If it is meant that the s-final will be played by all the group runners-up, then, Italy will have their place in the s-final, as they were the runners up in Group D behind Holland while Spain was Group C Champion.

Historicaly, during the last two (2) major football tournaments i.e. World Cup 2002 and World Cup 2006, Guus Hiddink's (the Russia Coach) team had been playing against Italy in the q-final and the 2nd round respectively. In 2002, while under the care of Guus Hiddink, South Korea had created an up set against Italy in the q-final to march into the s-final where they lost to Germany. On the other hand, in 2006, Italy had a sweet revenge against Guus Hiddink (while he was coaching Australia) when Italy defeated Australia in the 2nd stage en route to them winning the World Cup. Both the matches (in 2002) and 2006) were decided by a late and very controversial goal. In 2002, it was Ann Jung Hwan who had scored a controversial goal against Italy (I can't exactly remember what happened but I remember the protest from Italy players). In 206, Italy earned a last minute controversial penalty when Grosso was seen to be brought dow by Aussie Defender.

So, in 2002, Italy was ousted by Guus Hiddink's team while in 2006, Guus Hiddink's team was ousted by Italy. If that is what it meant i.e. Guus Hiddink's team will only walk out from the tournament by Italy and vice versa as what happened in 2002 and 2006, then I guess, Italy will move to the s-final by defeating Spain tomorrow morning to set up a clash with Guus Hiddink's team (Russia).

Let us see whether my prediction is correct or Spain will break the tradition of being the only group Champion in the s-final.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It Is Time for EPL Again

The Euro 2008 is not yet over. It has not even completed the group phase but he EPL has come out with the fixtures for its 2008/2009 season. And here I bring to you the fixtures involving Manchester United. Manchester United has a tough opening with Chelsea and Liverpool are waiting for them on 13th and 20th September 2008, that will be for the fourth and fifth matches. Though it is tough opening, I think it is to a great advantahe for Manchester United to have Chelsea and Liverpool at the early stage, as they will be palying with less pressure. Click here for full fixtures{34009B66-8C50-42F4-816F-CE57868EDE49}&page=1

Beaten While Looking For Help

Sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga...that is how best describe what happened to Moh Cheng Mau, 39 from Skudai who was robbed, beaten and left unconciously by four (4) men at a graveyeard ares, not far from his house. It all started when he went back from work at 3am and saw his mother fighting for her life (because of athma). He went to the roadside asking for help. Instead of assistance, he was robeed of his handphone and cash around RM500. When he regained his concious, he walked back to his house just to be told that his mother had passed away. Click here for full story

Moh Cheng Mau at the hospital

Photo from thestar online

Is the world getting cruel? Is there any safe place for us anymore? The world is not cruel. It is the people who are cruel. I've written about almost the same issue previously. Click here

My condolence to Moh Cheng Mau's family for the demise of his mother.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Today is the Father's Day. So, to all the fathers out there (including me) Happy Father's Day. May we lead our family members into to live in Islamic way of life and may Allah bless all of us.

And with that, I am herewith awarding the following cetificate too all fathers out there.

Well Done Azizul!!!

He was the guy that the Terengganu Sukma officials could not leave without during the recently concluded Sukma held in Terengganu. I wrote about it in my previous posting. Click here

Now, he has done the nation proud for his achievement in winning the keirin title during the test racing with the Australian Cycling Team by defeating Australia's 2004 Athens Olympic double gold medallist Ryan Bayley, two-time Olympic medallist Shane Kelly and former world junior champion Mark French.

He is on the right track to bag for Malaysia the first gold medal in Olympics and that is the reason why I was totally and 100% against Terengganu calling him back from Australia to compete in much less important Sukma.

Four-Cars Train by End of Next Year

Finally but not so soon. The passengers of Kelana Jaya Line LRT (formerly known as Putra LRT) have to wait until end of next year before they can have a supposed-to-be more comfortable trains when RapidKL introduces four-cars train (which means additional of two-cars train from the existing two-cars train). That will also means that the passengers of Kelana Jaya Line will have to suffer for at least another fifteen (15) months time before RapidKL introduces the four-cars train. Gosh!!! It is still a long way to go.

While we wait for the fifteen (15) minths to come (it may be longer if there are unforseen circumstances that will delay the project), let us analyse the current situation and let us see whether the introduction of the four-cars train can help to ease the problem suffered by the commuters.

The LRT's frequency is every three (3) minutes during peak hours and five (5) minutes during off-peak hours and ten (10) minutes during weekend. For the purpose of this posting, let us leave behind the train frequency on weekend. Everyday, the LRT operates from 6am to 12am, which means eighteen (18) hours perday. Of eighteen (18) hours, operation, four (4) hours is considered as peak hours while fourteen (14) hours as off-peak hours. Which means, during peak hours, the LRT will make around eighty (80) return trips and one hundred and sixty eight (168) return trips during off-peak hours. So, in total the LRT makes two hundred and forty eight (248) return trips or four hundred and ninty six (496) single trips.

So, with an average of 170000 passengers daily, each single trip carries average of three hundred and forty three (343) passengers. Well, it is still within the capacity of the train, as with the two-cars train, the LRT is able to accommodate three hundred and seventy (370) passengers (comfortablye and four hundred and seventy two (472) passengers (crowded, packed and uncomfortable).

However, that was just an average and not the actual number of passengers the LRT carries during peak hours. I am a daily commuter of the LRT. I dare to say that every morning and evening during peak hours, one (1) LRT actually carries between five hundred (500) and five hundred and fifty (550) passengers, which make the train very crowded, packed, cramped, etc, etc. During peak hours, I can simply miss between one (1) and four (4) LRT because of the number of passengers inside the train and in queue.

With the introduction of the four-cars train, each trip is expected to be able to accommodate between seven hundred and forty (740) and nine hundred and ninty four (994) passengers. So, it should be able to solve the current situation of crowded passengers especially during peak hours. But as I said, another fifteen (15) months of suffering. How long can this help us to solve the problem, only the time can tell us. Wait and see.

Sources: -
(3) Personal experience

Friday, June 13, 2008

Celcom's 100 Days 100 Cars Contest

On 2/6/2008, Celcom has unveiled its latest sms contest called 100 Days 100 Cars Contest. Click here Through the contest, participants are required to purchase contents worth RM5. Participants need to collect 100 points to be eligible for the contest. This 100 points can be accumulated through 10 points (initial bonus) upon sending the first sms to start the contest, 30 points (bonus) upon registration, and 10 points each for every correct answer given. So, in short, to have 100 points, paricipants need to spend at least RM40 for 8 sms sent. Click here

On 4/6/2008, the Mufti of Perlis, Sahibus Samahah Dr. Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin made statement that Celcom's 100 Days 100 Cars Contest is haram, as it contains elements of gambling. What he meant with the elements of gambling is that when participants need to pay RM5 to answer a question before having the possibility to be declared as a winner. He made an anology of this contest with that of buying 4-digit. Click here

Yesterday, 12/6/2008, JAKIM (Department of Islamic Development Malaysia) issued an instruction to Celcom to temporarily stop the contest, as meeting between both parties failed to establish contest rules in accordance with Islam.

And today, 13/6/2008, finally, the Malaysia Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has directed Celcom Mobile Sdn Bhd to immediately end its "Celcom 100 Days 100 Cars" contest following public complaints. In issuing the directive to Celcom, MCMC stated that their investigation on the complaints received revealed elements of non-compliance with the General Consumer Code of Practice. Click here

Funny right? The contest organiser was given a stop order by the "authority" for non-compliance with the General Consumer Code of Practice and not because it contravenes with Islamic values i.e. it contains elements of gambling. Well, I suppose that if the contest is in compliance with the said Code, it can goes on though it may contain elements of gambling. This is what we call Islamic Country. So, the message that MCMC is sending to us is that, you can organise any contest even that contains elements of gambling that is totally prohibited in Islam so long as you comply with whatever Code that they have. I can sum up MCMC's directive as "man-made-rules and regulations is supreme than the divine rules and regulations".

Before I forget, let me tell you another interesting news. MCMC is run by majority Malay Muslims, who unfortunately failed to see the issue from Islamic point of view notwithstanding the statements made The Mufti of Perlis and JAKIM. I feel sorry for all these office bearers and the Datuks of MCMC who for ther ignorance about Islam made such a stupid and insensitive directive. Click here

I wonder what the Islam Hadhari or Islam Ada Hari government will say about this issue. The Minister of Prime Minister Department in charge of Islamic Affairs, Zahid Hamidi said that corporate companies should seek the advice of religious experts before launching promotions, especially those offering prizes. What a crap!!! How can he dares to expect and advise the corporate companies to consult the Muslim scholars when the government itself ignored the scholars? Crap!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It is Not So Convenient, says Shahrir Samad

(Photo taken from The Star online)
Shahrir Samad seen in this picture disembarked from the ERL Transit in Putrajaya. It was reported in The Star that Shahrir Samad is a frequent user of ERL Link from KL Sentral to KLIA. When the photo was taken, it was his second day using the ERL Transit from his house in Taman Tunku to his office in Putrajaya and his comment after two (2) days is: -
“It’s not so convenient since there is no bus connection from my house to KL Sentral to take the ERL to Putrajaya. My wife has to send me to KL Sentral and my driver picks me up in Putrajaya."
He will bring this matter up at the Cabinet meeting today. Well, seems like a good effort or attempt in trying to understand the people's problem with public transport. But is that enough? Few things to ponder: -
(1) What is the issue that he wants to raise at the Cabinet meeting? No bus connection from his house to KL Sentral? Come on!!! Anybody in Taman Tunku need a bus ride? He must be joking right?
(2) He is a frequent user of ERL Express. How did he go to KL Sentral fro his house all these while? Don't you think that he should have realised that there is no bus connecting his residential area to KL Sentral (if one is needed) without the need for him to take the two (2) days trial?
(3) If what he meant by the phrase "it is not so convenient" is the condition in the ERL, my advice to him, wait until you take a ride in our Star and Putra LRT during peak hours. Then only you will appreciate the inconvenience that you have in the ERL. I think the Ministers including the PM and his deputy should take a ride in our two (2) LRTs during peak hours without any VIP treatment, I mean take a ride as a normal citizen of Malaysia to better understand our public transportation problem. To understand it better, they also need to take a ride in our public buses.
(4) At least for Shahrir, his wife sends him to KL Sentral and his driver picks him up in Putrajaya station. What he should have done is take a bus from the station to his office, by then, his comment, I guess would have been "it is really not so convenient..." So, the issue may change from the mere absence of public bus in certain area to the quality of our public transportation.
(5) I wonder what will be the Cabinet's reaction on this issue, if at all, Shahrir Samad does raise up this matter in the Cabinet's meeting?
To deviate from the above topic, many years ago, there was an annoucement made that the operator of Putra LRT would be buying more coaches to ease the difficulties and uncomfortability of the commuters using the LRT. In fact, end of last year, I wrote an email complaining, among others about the condition in the LRT to RapidKL customer service. I only received their reponse after I sent a follow up email to their then CEO, Rein Weistra, a Dutch. Their response was the standard one i.e. that they have made booking to purchase more coaches and they were still waiting. I guess, they are waiting for the moon to fall on their laps (bulan jatuh ke riba). After so many years in operation, the Putra LRT still running with the two (2) very short coaches for every train though the number of passengers has increased tremendously. In fact the operation of our two (2) LRTs i.e. Putra and Star are getting from bad to worse. What does the government plan to do about it? In 2005 when the government increased the petrol price by RM0.30 to RM1.92 per litre, the government said that they would use the subsidy saved by the increase of the petrol price (amounting to few billion Ringgit) to upgrade our public transportation system. My foot!!! What upgrading were they talking about after three (3) years? I saw some changes were made but not improvement. If at all they (the government) are talking about improvement, it could be the introduction of RapidPenang. I have no idea to what extent the public transportation in Penang has improved with the introduction of RapidPenang but talking about the changes made in Kuala Lumpur, from what I noticed, before the changes were made, people in my area needed to take only one (1) bus to go to Kuala Lumpur but with the changes, they need to take at least three (3) buses to go to Kuala Lumpur. This is the service provided by RapidKL. So, is it improvement or inconvenience? I wonder where did the subsidy money went that were meant to upgrade the transportation system three (3) years ago?
On another note, Shahrir Samad said that petrol money used as subsidy in many areas and that Petronas has been helping the government all these while. Click here I quote what he said: -
“Ever since the fuel price increase was announced, people have been demanding to know why Petronas is not helping out. What they don’t know is that the company has been helping out all this while...Petronas is helping out. Let me assure you of that.”
Anybody wants to believe what Shahrir Samad said? Well, it may be true in one sense but I do not trust this guy. He was a different Shahrir Samad who used to be vocal and a man of principle when he was the Chairman of the Backbenchers. Remember the day when he quit his post as the PAC Chairman due to lack of supprt from the members in last term? If he is the same Shahrir Samad today, I believe he would have relinquished his position as a Minister when government decided to uplift the ban on foreign vehicle buying our petrol and the effective date of the petrol price increase. Now, he is wearing different hat altogether ever since he was appointed as a full Minister. Remember few days before the Fuel Price Increase Day that he said that the petrol price would be increased in August and when asked on Pak Lah statement that the price would be increased with immediate effect on 4/6/2008, he said that he did not see his statement and that of Pak Lah being inconsistent. What the heck!!! And now he is expecting us to believe him when he said "Let me assure you of that". Once a liar, you are always a liar.
Siakap senohong
Gelama ikan duri
Bercakap bohong
Lama-lama mencuri
Curi apa? Tepuk dada tanyalah hati...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Let's Celebrate the Fuel Price Increase Day

I want to write about the price increase...but I just do not know where to start because there are so many issues in my head. The excuse behind the increase, the real reason behind it, the inconsistent act and statement made by the government, the bluff, etc..etc..I am so frustrated, mad and many more feelings of that sort with the government. Simply because such a move by the government who cares about the people will affect almost everything.
The government announced that they will sort of absorbing the hardship that the middle class citizens are suffering by paying RM625 on annual basis. The question is, how long does the government will continue to make the payment? Whether the amount of RM625 is fixed or adjustable according to the fuel price and the subsidised amount? The government also announced they will be reveiwing the fuel price on monthly basis. Click here So, are the going to review the RM625 on monthly basis too? Some might say, the government won't do that, as it is cumbersome for them to do that. Let me tell you something. Just a few days ago, the government announced the ban on foreign vehicles from buying petrol near the border but in today's newspaper, Shahrir Samad annouced that the government has uplifted the ban. Click here See my point? Our government nowadays, they do not have proper plan. They do whatever they think at that time and that same decision may be changed as and when they like. Even few days ago, Shahrir even said the increase will take effect in August but suddenly things changed it took effect immediately. Click here So, my point is, the government nowadays can do whatever they like just like that. They do not have to think far. Do not take whatever annoucement made by the government at the face value and as good because they are able make a u-turn at any time they wish.
So, my dear friends out there, let us remember today, the 5th June 2008 as the Fuel Price Increase Day and if the government is to increase the fuel price in the future, they can do it on its anniversary. Put it in your calendar.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ban of Subsidised Fuel on Foreign Vehicles

The government has announced that foreign vehicles are not allowed to buy subsidized petrol within as far as 50 kilometers from the Malaysia’s border with our neighboring country. Read here
I applaud such a move and 100% agree that subsidized petrol should only be enjoyed by the local and not the foreigners. Subsidy should be a privilege enjoyed solely by the citizens of Malaysia though there were complaints and major outcry among our traders near the border that such a move could affect their businesses. Read here Well, all these while, they (the traders) have benefited from the loose handling of the subsidized petrol and I do not see why they should make noise now. They should not be making profits at the expense of other fellow citizens. I say so because this mechanism is being used by the government to keep the fuel price as low as possible (though it is high), as the government will be able to have better control on the subsidy spent. If foreign vehicles are allowed to buy subsidized fuel, it means that more subsidized fuel is being consumed and the higher the subsidy the government has to bear. On the other hand, by not allowing foreign vehicles to buy subsidized fuel, it means the consumption of the same is lesser and the subsidy spent by the government is lower. At the end of the day, this should be able to help the government to keep the fuel price in Malaysia at a lower rate as compared to our neighboring country.

However, having said that, I wonder why the ban to buy subsidized fuel by foreign vehicles only extended as far as 50km from the border? To me, it should be applicable throughout the nation. The government should go back to the reasoning for having such a rule to ban foreign vehicles to buy subsidized fuel i.e. subsidized fuel is only meant for Malaysians. So, by allowing foreign vehicles to buy subsidized petrol at the stations located more than 50km from the border, for e.g. in KL, it means that subsidized petrol is not really exclusive for the Malaysians.

What I would suggest is that the ban for foreign cars to buy subsidized fuel is applicable throughout the nation and that they (foreign cars) can buy fuel at any station even within the 50km radius from the border but at the market price (without subsidy). This will definitely reduce or perhaps absolve the losses that may be suffered by the petrol station operators and the traders, as the foreign vehicles will just fill up their tanks at any station without the need to go back to their country or drive more than 50km from the border to fill in their tanks. This will not cause any problems or difficulties for the foreign vehicles to enter Malaysia.

Imagine what happen if the foreign vehicles run out of fuel? Most probably they will be stranded somewhere, as they might not be able to go as far as 50km or to go back to their country.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

From Beijing to Kuala Terengganu...What a Journey...

Much has been reported about the Terengganu born national cyclist, Azizulhasni who has qualified to compete in this summer Olympic in Beijing on merit. It is none others than Terengganu's request to have him to compete in Sukma currently held in Terengganu for two (2) reasons, i.e. that Azizulhasni is a gold prospect for Terengganu and that he will be the flag bearer for Terengganu. Read here All I can say is that the Terengganu's sports officials are very shallow minded people.
Initially, the national cycling federation objected to the idea of calling back Azizulhasni to compete in Sukma, as the poor chap was undergoing training in Australia as preparation for Olympic in Beijing, as they feared that Azizulhasni might get injury while competing in Sukma, thus jeorpardising his chances to compete in Olympic. However, after much huha from the Terengganu camp (they even called Azizulhasni's coach personally in Australia to ask for his release), the coach, John Beasley finally agreed to release Azizulhasni. Read here Well, I am not surprise at all. The coach is a foreigner. If I were him, why should I bother to fight for your nation when you don't even bother about your nation's interest? Even the MSN (National Sports Council) gave their green light for Azizulhasni to compete in Sukma. So, why do you think John Beasley should fight for our country?
The Director of Terengganu Sports Council, Rosdi Awang, reportedly said that the safety issue regarding Azizulhasni should not be an issue, as accident can happen anywhere, and not necessarily in Sukma. Oh my GOD!!! What a statement from someone called Director. Of course accident can happen anywhere and anytime. You don't have to tell us that. Everybody knows that. But doesn't he think that they need to take every measure possible to avoid or minimise hte possibility of accident from happening? Read here
By the way, do you know that Azizulhasni is a national sprinter and his favourite events are 200m sprint and keirin, which normally take place in velodrome, a much safer place? However, in Terengganu (during Sukma), Azizulhasni will be competing in 200m sprint but not in velodrome but on the road. Why? Because Terengganu does not have velodrome. Read here I don't have to comment further. The facts surrounding the whole issue speaks for itself.
I must say that I really feel sorry for the mentality of our sports administrators for their shallow minded in handling this issue. Azizulhasni is a gold medal prospect for the country in Olympic games in Beijing. At the same time, he is also the gold medal prospect for Terengganu in Sukma. Wow! What a comparison!!! Sukma against Olympics.
If I remember correctly, when Sukma was introduced many years ago, the purpose was to search for new talent, to polish their skills and make them a world class athlete. Azizulhasni is already a world class athlete. So, why the hell does he needs to compete in Sukma? Should not Terengganu unearth new potential so that we can have more world class athletes in the future? In this scenario, the Sports Ministry should play more proactive role in creating awareness among the sports officials in Malaysia especially those at the states level, that competing in Sukma is not all about getting gold medals. It is about unearth and searching for new talents.
Well, to the Terengganu contingent, congratulation in advance for the gold medal in 200m sprint. They should be really happy to have that pice of medal at the end of the day. For all Malaysians and sports lover (with the exception of those shallow minded sports officals), let us pray that Azizulhasni will be fit to compete in the Olympic Games in Beijing.
Our sports are going nowhere if we keep on having sports officials who put their interest over the nation's interest.