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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Media Barred From Parliament Lobby

It was reported today that administration of Parliament has ban reporters in most areas in the Parliament such as the lounge meant for MPs, cubicles for ministers, the bridge linking lobby to the next building where Prime Minister’s Office is located, mobile post offices and ATM machines. My, my, my...can't go to post office and withdraw money at ATM machine? This is too much right? But what was the motive behind the ban? According to Parliament administration, the ban was due to security reason. But what type of security? Any bomb threat? Any murder threat towards the MP? Why only now Parliament feels there is a security concern and not before? Why only after opposition won 82 seats and proposal for motion of no-confidence against the PM and not before? Is this another attempt to undermine our intellectual? I guess so because the instruction must come from none others than then the shallow minded Minister in the PM's Department who is in charge only for Parliament, the brainless Nazri Aziz.

It was also reported that the number of press conferences held at the lobby has increased recently with the stronger opposition in the Parliament. More ministers have been holding press conferences at the lobby. NGOs too have been meeting up with MPs at the lobby area. So, is this the "security" that they are talking about? I believe so. Well you know Nazri Aziz. How far can he thinks? Is it really security issue or just to please Si Bedol, so that Si Bedol always think that he is still popular to lead the government because with such ban, only five (5) journist are allowed to cover the Parliament. I guess with those five (5) journalist, is would be easier for Nazri to control the "actual" informaton from leaking out. But if the journalists are "threat" to Parliament, what about the public citizen who can go to Parliament to watch the debate? Does the ban also extended to them meaning they also canot go to ATM and post office? May be Nazri overlook on this aspects because if public citizen are allowed to enter the area banned for the journalists, then "security" is just an excuse. The journalists threatened to boycott Parliament sitting. There you go. Go ahead with the boycott. If they want to filter the information, let them just keep all the information with them. You guys can go somewhere else to get more interesting news that dealing with all these buggers. Click here

Whatever it is, only recently I came to know that Nazri Aziz is a Minister in Malaysia in charge of only one (1) building i.e. Parliament. I can't help my self but laughing like hell. Do we need a inister to be in charge of Parliament? Or is it one of the ways for Si Bedol to entertain the greedy by giving any ministerial post though such a post is not needed? I mean like what he promised to Yong Teck Lee? Shame on Si Bedol and especially Nazri Aziz. I still can't accept the fact that we need a full Minister to be in charge of Parliament. Perhaps Si Bedol still needs Nazri around because people like Nazri is able to make him happy and feel popular all the times and is always there to protect him (Bedol) but Si Bedol just could not find a suitable ministerial post to give to Nazri, as all ministerial posts requirethe incumbent to think and think and think, the crucial and critical part in human's ability that Nazri does not possess So, in the end, oklah Nazri, you take on Parliament, as you do not have to think and that position does not require you to issue intellectual statement. It is a waste of public fund to pay people like Nazri when we already have Zaid Ibrahim, Hamid Othman when we already have Zahid Hamidi and Sahrizat when we already have Ng Yen Yen. The country can save thousands of RM a month from the three stooges' monthly salary and allowances (minus the 10% cut on entertainment allowance, which is peanut - do you know that the 10% cut for the PM is not even RM2k?) and that will come about a million in one year and few more millions in four to five years.

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