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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Four-Cars Train by End of Next Year

Finally but not so soon. The passengers of Kelana Jaya Line LRT (formerly known as Putra LRT) have to wait until end of next year before they can have a supposed-to-be more comfortable trains when RapidKL introduces four-cars train (which means additional of two-cars train from the existing two-cars train). That will also means that the passengers of Kelana Jaya Line will have to suffer for at least another fifteen (15) months time before RapidKL introduces the four-cars train. Gosh!!! It is still a long way to go.

While we wait for the fifteen (15) minths to come (it may be longer if there are unforseen circumstances that will delay the project), let us analyse the current situation and let us see whether the introduction of the four-cars train can help to ease the problem suffered by the commuters.

The LRT's frequency is every three (3) minutes during peak hours and five (5) minutes during off-peak hours and ten (10) minutes during weekend. For the purpose of this posting, let us leave behind the train frequency on weekend. Everyday, the LRT operates from 6am to 12am, which means eighteen (18) hours perday. Of eighteen (18) hours, operation, four (4) hours is considered as peak hours while fourteen (14) hours as off-peak hours. Which means, during peak hours, the LRT will make around eighty (80) return trips and one hundred and sixty eight (168) return trips during off-peak hours. So, in total the LRT makes two hundred and forty eight (248) return trips or four hundred and ninty six (496) single trips.

So, with an average of 170000 passengers daily, each single trip carries average of three hundred and forty three (343) passengers. Well, it is still within the capacity of the train, as with the two-cars train, the LRT is able to accommodate three hundred and seventy (370) passengers (comfortablye and four hundred and seventy two (472) passengers (crowded, packed and uncomfortable).

However, that was just an average and not the actual number of passengers the LRT carries during peak hours. I am a daily commuter of the LRT. I dare to say that every morning and evening during peak hours, one (1) LRT actually carries between five hundred (500) and five hundred and fifty (550) passengers, which make the train very crowded, packed, cramped, etc, etc. During peak hours, I can simply miss between one (1) and four (4) LRT because of the number of passengers inside the train and in queue.

With the introduction of the four-cars train, each trip is expected to be able to accommodate between seven hundred and forty (740) and nine hundred and ninty four (994) passengers. So, it should be able to solve the current situation of crowded passengers especially during peak hours. But as I said, another fifteen (15) months of suffering. How long can this help us to solve the problem, only the time can tell us. Wait and see.

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