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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Media Barred From Parliament Lobby (Part 3)

Finally the brainsless Nazri Aziz made a statament on the ban issue. On the issue of banning the journalist, he had this to say: -
“I am the intermediary between the legislative and the executive, I am not involved.”
When asked about limiting the number of jounalist from the same press into the Parliament sitting, he had this to say: -
"Five is more than enough. If five is not enough then something is wrong with you all. It shows you are not efficient. It’s as simple as that".
In one instance, he knew what was going on and in another instance, which was interrelated with the first instance, he said he was just an intermediary and he does not involve. What a brainless statement from a brainless minister who does not have the intellectual faculty in him!!!
I called upon Si Bedol to strip this bugger Nazri Aziz from his ministerial post and that ten of thousand of RM paid to him every month can be used for better purpose.


Tya ilyana said...

i like ur blog so much,,,
when our beloved malaysia will develop to be more excellent and no corruption at every aspects,im so pity to see how it goes..we live in a muslim country and muslim nation ..but islamic elements are not being practice at all..i link ur blog to my blog so that i can reupdate often so agree with every single thing that u been posting..y we still have a narrow minded people on earth?

Rozaimi Bin Mohd Said said...

Thanks the way, I plan to write also on what I believe to be the early education towards corruption society that starts at home. I have the ides in my mind but have yet to pen it down...perhaps because I am still in the recovering process after my eyes surgery.

A bit off the issue, your bf is Azizulhasni? Wow! Tell him that I wish him the best of luck in Beijing Olympic. Hopefuly he will beg Malaysia the first gold medal in Olympic.

Another bit if the issue, are you IIU grad? Means we are from the same uni...

Tya ilyana said...

salam to u brother,,

yes yes and yes...thanks for your support on behalf of my bf..

i was a iium student ..under waiting for my convocation next wonder ur blog is so "IIU"..we should share the same opinion..the latest news about L**WAT?what say u?

Rozaimi Bin Mohd Said said...

I did not believe on the first acusation on Anwar in 1998 on the sodomy charges solely for the blunder made by the prosecution. They kept on amending the charges after they realised that some of the charges were false for e.g. they amend the date of the sodomy when they realised that at that point of time (alleged date sodomy took place), tivoli villa was still under construction. There were few other blunders but I can't remember those. Another thing was that Azizan, who claimed to have been sodomised by Anwar was later caught for khalwat in Alor Gajah Melaka not so long after he finished giving his statement in Court against Anwar. To me, Azizan's credibility as a witness was questionable but the Court under Augustine Paul refused to look into that matter. Further Augustine Paul was seen to be biased with the infamous phrase of "irrelevant" most of the time the defense team was trying to establish new evidence. So, that made it hard for me to believe that the charges aganst Anwar was not politically motivated.

And now came the second allegation against him. Nothing much has been revealed so far but I do not believe in it (at the moment) based on the 1998 events.

Whatever it is, whether he is/was a sodomoite or not, Allah knows it better but based on the available evidence, I don't think so he is. It may be another political assassination. Let us what and see the outcome of the police investigation.