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Friday, June 13, 2008

Celcom's 100 Days 100 Cars Contest

On 2/6/2008, Celcom has unveiled its latest sms contest called 100 Days 100 Cars Contest. Click here Through the contest, participants are required to purchase contents worth RM5. Participants need to collect 100 points to be eligible for the contest. This 100 points can be accumulated through 10 points (initial bonus) upon sending the first sms to start the contest, 30 points (bonus) upon registration, and 10 points each for every correct answer given. So, in short, to have 100 points, paricipants need to spend at least RM40 for 8 sms sent. Click here

On 4/6/2008, the Mufti of Perlis, Sahibus Samahah Dr. Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin made statement that Celcom's 100 Days 100 Cars Contest is haram, as it contains elements of gambling. What he meant with the elements of gambling is that when participants need to pay RM5 to answer a question before having the possibility to be declared as a winner. He made an anology of this contest with that of buying 4-digit. Click here

Yesterday, 12/6/2008, JAKIM (Department of Islamic Development Malaysia) issued an instruction to Celcom to temporarily stop the contest, as meeting between both parties failed to establish contest rules in accordance with Islam.

And today, 13/6/2008, finally, the Malaysia Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has directed Celcom Mobile Sdn Bhd to immediately end its "Celcom 100 Days 100 Cars" contest following public complaints. In issuing the directive to Celcom, MCMC stated that their investigation on the complaints received revealed elements of non-compliance with the General Consumer Code of Practice. Click here

Funny right? The contest organiser was given a stop order by the "authority" for non-compliance with the General Consumer Code of Practice and not because it contravenes with Islamic values i.e. it contains elements of gambling. Well, I suppose that if the contest is in compliance with the said Code, it can goes on though it may contain elements of gambling. This is what we call Islamic Country. So, the message that MCMC is sending to us is that, you can organise any contest even that contains elements of gambling that is totally prohibited in Islam so long as you comply with whatever Code that they have. I can sum up MCMC's directive as "man-made-rules and regulations is supreme than the divine rules and regulations".

Before I forget, let me tell you another interesting news. MCMC is run by majority Malay Muslims, who unfortunately failed to see the issue from Islamic point of view notwithstanding the statements made The Mufti of Perlis and JAKIM. I feel sorry for all these office bearers and the Datuks of MCMC who for ther ignorance about Islam made such a stupid and insensitive directive. Click here

I wonder what the Islam Hadhari or Islam Ada Hari government will say about this issue. The Minister of Prime Minister Department in charge of Islamic Affairs, Zahid Hamidi said that corporate companies should seek the advice of religious experts before launching promotions, especially those offering prizes. What a crap!!! How can he dares to expect and advise the corporate companies to consult the Muslim scholars when the government itself ignored the scholars? Crap!!!

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