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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Beaten While Looking For Help

Sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga...that is how best describe what happened to Moh Cheng Mau, 39 from Skudai who was robbed, beaten and left unconciously by four (4) men at a graveyeard ares, not far from his house. It all started when he went back from work at 3am and saw his mother fighting for her life (because of athma). He went to the roadside asking for help. Instead of assistance, he was robeed of his handphone and cash around RM500. When he regained his concious, he walked back to his house just to be told that his mother had passed away. Click here for full story

Moh Cheng Mau at the hospital

Photo from thestar online

Is the world getting cruel? Is there any safe place for us anymore? The world is not cruel. It is the people who are cruel. I've written about almost the same issue previously. Click here

My condolence to Moh Cheng Mau's family for the demise of his mother.

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