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Friday, April 18, 2008

Road Bully

It was reported in yesterday’s newspaper that a motorist got a shock of his life when another motorist fired a shot at him simply because he honked at the other motorist for driving too slow. This is not the first reported case of road bully in Malaysia.

I just do not know if there is any safe place in this world? We are not safe outside, we are not safe at home and we are not safe when we are driving. What else after this?

I must say that driving in Malaysia can be quite annoying with the attitude of other drivers. Cutting queue is normal. Slow down to look at the accident is normal. Stop in the yellow box is normal. What is then abnormal? Yes, I know the answer. It is to follow the rules that is abnormal.

At one time, I was given the middle finger by another driver for honking at him because he cut the queue in front of my car. Well, some people just thought that other drivers do not pay road tax, that is why they treat the road as if it belongs to them, alone. To me, this is because our people in Malaysia in general and our drivers in particular, are less discipline.

I just do not know what to propose to the authority on what best to be done to tackle this problem. But one thing that I can think off is by educating them. Education at the age of 17 or 18 when they are applying for their driving licence is a bit too late. But better late than never. What is more important is to educate them while they are still small. When they are yet to be exposed to the real world. After all, education starts at home. So, it is actually the responsibility of the parents to educate them to be more discipline, not only on the road but also in their life and it is equally the responsibility of the government to educate the parent to teach their children to be discipline and more importantly for them (the parent) to be discipline. This is a long process and a long term plan. I think, if we can start now, the result might only comes out in 30 to 40 years time, which means we may not be able to see the results. So what???

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