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Sunday, April 20, 2008

The "Yes Man" Minister is Proving his Status as a "Yes Man"

If you read today’s The Star at page N6, you will see the “yes man”, Nazri Aziz is trying to make his presence felt and still relevant. Among it was reported that and I quote verbatimly: -

No one in UMNO has the right to call for Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to step down as Prime Minister, party Supreme Council member Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz said yesterday.

He said Abdullah, the UMNO President and also Chairman of the Barisan Nasional, which was handed majority in Parliament by Malaysians during the March 8 polls.

What right has anyone in UMNO to deny the wishes of the people? said Nazri, the Minister in the Prime Minster’s Department, after meeting senior National Security Council officials here yesterday.

He said that those who demanded that Abdullah step down were “foolish” and did not understand what democracy was all about.

What a statement from a “sometimes no brain” Minister!!! Yeah, you are right Nazri. Those who demanded Pak Lah to step down are foolish. But does he (Nazri) knows that he is the foolest among the foolish??? He also what right the UMNO members have to ask Pak Lah to step down. Let me ask one question here. Who appointed Pak Lah as the President of UMNO? Do not you think that it is actually the grassroots? So, why does he wants to deny UMNO members from voicing out their unhappiness. He should look at managing the government in a more professional way (this is because he is not professional). Look at those professional football club. For example, what happen to Fabio Capello who was sacked by Real Madrid though he led them to win the Spanish league. Winning is not enough to let you remains on top. Consistency is the most important thing. So, when Pak Lah being inconsistent, is it wrong for the UMNO members to ask their President to step down? The dismal performance by BN is seen by most people as the sigh of downfall of UMNO and BN. Only people like Nazri Aziz do not see it that way. After all, he is a “yes man” Minister. I bet if Pak Lah steps down and Najib takes over and Nazri remains in the cabinet, one day he will also slam Pak Lah for being a weak leader. I bet he will.

Another example that Nazri Aziz is the follest among the foolish is when he handled the Lingam video clip issue. At one hand he was talking about the separation of power and on the other hand he talked about he being the Minister for the judges. What a contradictory statement from the fool who thought he s smart. He said tha when he was commenting on the video clip on behalf of Ahmad Fairuz.

This Nazri Aziz thought that he knows what democracy is. But I can tell you for sure that Nazri Aziz knows nothing about democracy. Reason being after BN suffered major setback during the March 8 polls, he was quoted as saying in local newspaper that among the reason why BN suffered the setback was because of the Malay professional who decided to vote against BN. He even slammed these professional by saying that they (the Malay professional) thought they are where they are now on their own merit. They (the Malay professional) think that they do not need UMNO now. Let us see how far can they go.

Is that democracy? I mean to slam people for not voting BN and UMNO? Come on!!! Yes, I must say that to some extent Malays do owe something to UMNO for what UMNO has done this far for the Malays but Nazri Aziz must remember one thing i.e. by owing something to UMNO, that does not mean we (the Malays) can close our eyes and let the wrong be done continuously and let us be led by arrogant leaders.

So, to Nazri Aziz, it is better for him to shut up than saying something nonsense. It is better for him to remain silent that saying something that will just make his stupidity obvious.

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