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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Warkah Untk PM

Do you still remember just few weeks if not few days before PRU12, the caretaker govt (I mean BN) launched a website called "Warkah Untuk PM" (Letter for PM)? The idea was to provide access to the rakyat to their so called beloved PM. One or two days after the launching, the caretaker govt was proud to declare that the website has received more than 1000 emails from the rakyat (Ibet it was not the PM who read those emails).

Try not to be so sceptical, I visited the website with the idea of sending my comment on the election and hoping for a response from the PM. Unfortunately, I could not send my comment, as I need to declare my hp, house address and my employer. My goodness!!! Why on earth do they want to know my employer. What has it got anything to do with my comment when my comment was sent on my personal capacity? Well the only conclusion that I can make was they ar not sincere. They are probably saying like this "you are free to send your comment but bear the consequences if you condemn Pak Lah". Am I wrong to conclude that way?

Finally, I managed to send my comment, not through the form provided in the website but through my personal email, and I did not have to declare my house address and my employer. But it is to no avail, as until now, I still do not receive any response for my comment. Well, it was just a gimmick from the PM I guess, just like any other common gimmick by BN leaders before ny election like giving you new tarred road even though people have been suffering for long time. Everything impossible is possible during election.

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