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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Was it really an act of Sabotage???

Was it really an act of sabotage or it was just an attempt by Pak Lah to deviate the attention of Malaysian public on the criticism made on him by various parties? People are asking him to be responsible for the dismal performance of BN during the PRU12, not to find excuse and try to shift the blame to others. In doing so, Pak Lah is adding salt to the wound. He will just make the situation more complicated. I can say that his statement that BN should now work harder to regain the people’s confidence was just a political gimmick and I am very sure he has not learnt his lesson, just like Nazri Aziz (Gosh! I do not know what is so great about Nazri Aziz that makes Pak Lah reappoint him as a Minister!!!).

Why I said so (about Pak Lah, not Nazri Aziz)? Simply because during a press conference after the briefing session to UMNO members at PWTC last week, Pak Lah was quoted as saying that the reason BN suffered such a big losses (bear in mind, Pak Lah has repeatedly, before the press conference, said that BN recorded big win. Only 8 seats deny BN of 2/3 majority) because of act of sabotage by insiders in UMNO. That was what he found to be the reason for the BN’s dismal performance (Gosh!!! Again not his fault). However, when asked further by reporters as to why there was a need for people to sabotage UMNO, he did not offer any explanation, as he said that he will provide the information to the UMNO disciplinary committee. Easy way out after making baseless statement with the hope that people will forget on the issue. That was what Pak Lah said at PWTC in the presence of his Deputy.

Now, let me share with you what is reported in today’s The Sun on Najib’s statement on the same issue. I quoted in verbatim what was reported: -

Umno deputy president Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak wants those with information on the act of sabotage by party members, which had caused Barisan Nasional (BN) to lose Perak and Kedah in the general election, to lodge official reports so that the disciplinary committee can investigate them.

He said as of now, the information available is only hearsay.

My goodness!!! What does he mean by “hearsay”? Is he saying the Pak Lah gave information and made press statement based on hearsay? Does not Pak Lah knows better that hearsay information has no credibility in it? That we can’t rely and use the information that is hearsay in nature? Even in Court, hearsay evidence is inadmissible. So, why Pak Lah was so confidence is making the statement of sabotage?

Come on! With sabotage is now only hearsay, what is the main reason of BN’s dismal performance during the PRU12, in Pak Lah's opinion? Have Pak Lah and his team found the new answer? Or they will just let the issue swept under the carpet? I am eagerly waiting what other things that Pak Lah and his team are going to b*lls***t the people?

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