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Friday, April 11, 2008

The Differences between A Manager and A Leader

I received an email on this and I think it is worth to share with you guys.

1. the manager drives people, the leader coaches them

2. the manager depends on authority, the leader on goodwill

3. the manager inspires fear, the leader inspires enthusiasm

4. the manager says I, the leader says we

5. the manager says get here on time, the leader gets there ahead of time

6. the manager fixes blame for the breakdown, the leader fixes the breakdown

7. the manager knows how it is done, the leader shows how

8. the manager says go, the leader says let's go

9. the manager uses people, the leader develops them

10.the manager sees today, the leader also looks at tomorrow

11.the manager commands, the leader asks

12.the manager never has enough time, the leader makes time for things that count

13.the manager is concerned with things, the leader is concerned with people

14.the manager works hard to produce, the leader works hard to help people to produce

15.the manager takes the credit, the leader gives it

so which one is your boss? or more importantly .. which one is you?

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