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Monday, April 21, 2008

Islam Hadhari Post Pak Lah Era: Is It Still Relevant?

I must say that I do not fancy this Islam Hadhari thing. Whether people call it as "Islam Had Hari" or "Islam Ada Hari". To me Islam is one and that is the teaching brought by the Prophent Muhammad pbuh and being practice by the Muslim all over the world from the Prophet's (pbuh) time until now. Even if it is true that Islam Hadhari is something good, frankly speaking, I do not see any different of the way Islam being practised in Malaysia pre and during Islam Hadhari. After all, most Ministers' wives (I mean those from the Islam Hadhari government) are not wearing tudung. The very basic principle in Islam i.e. cover your aurat.

Whatever it is, since Pak Lah has introduced Islam Hadhari and since now people has asked Pak Lak to step dow, which afetr so much pressure, Pak Lah has indicated that the time will come very soon, the question is what happened to Islam Hadhari? I am sure that Najib or whoever that will take over from Pak Lah will want to introduce something that will make people remember them for what they introduced and over time, the Islam Hadhari concept will just being swept away and forgotten. This is a fact. Well, in UMNO, there are a lot of yes man who will just say yes to what the President said in order to please the President and also to avoid from getting the wrath of the President. Look at what happened to the usage of English in Maths and Science that was proposed by Tun Mahathir when he was the PM. Did any of his Minister or those who were given the platform during UMNO general assembly dare to say no to the proposal? The answer is "no". Everybody said it was a good idea. But when Tun stepped down and started to criticise Pak Lah, we heard a lot of voices especially those within UMNO who wanted Maths and Science to be taught in Malay instead of English. That we talk about the Prime Minister's initiative. Let us look at the Minister level. For example, when Najib was the Education Minister, he introduced the assessment for Standard three pupils who would jump straight to Standard Five without going through Standard Four. What happened to Najib's initiative after he no longer be the Education Minister? Well, that is the trend in UMNO. The leader’s initiative will go with the leader, no matter how good it is or how good it is claimed to be.

So, in this regard, I see the same thing for Islam Hadhari. Islam Hadhari concept, how good it is (I doubt it) or how good it is claimed to be will go together with Pak Lah when he steps down. So, in the end, is Islam Hadhari is really a good concept? Or rather do the UMNO leaders understand and know what to do with Islam Hadhari post Pak Lah era? Let us wait and see. I am not being sceptical here. This is based on UMNO history.

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