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Monday, August 10, 2009

You Sue Me, I Sue You

I must say that I read with disgust the report in Mingguan Malaysia entitled "Tengoklah berapa ratus juta pula Anwar mahu saman" ("Let's see how many hundred million Anwar wants to sue").

In the news report, the Johor UMNO was reported to have said that they will be organising a realy big gathering in the near future of which they believe that tons of thousand of UMNO members will take part in the gathering. The gathering is to be held solely for the purpose of shouting the word "traitor" to Anwar Ibrahim and they want to see how many hundres of millions Anwar wants to sue them.

I believe this stupid idea of UMNO Johor was in response to Anwar's legal cation against Muhyiddin Yassin whereby the former threatened to sue the latter of RM100 million for saying that Anwar is a traitor.

This is a further evidence of the level of mentality of mentally retarded politicians that we are having at the moment. While the government does not encourage gathering of large scale at the moment in an attempt to curb the spread of A(H1N1), the UMNO Johor on the other hand was planning to have this gathering, which I do not see its benefit to any party in any manner whatsoever. Not only that, it will be a total waste of money and time. I believe that a lot of money will be spent unnecessarily during this useless gathering oragnised by a bunch of brainless people. The money that thes bunch of idiots are willing to spentcan be channeled for a much better purpose. The time they are going to spent for the gathering can be used for a much beter purpose.

As for myself, I do not disagree with Muhyiddin but seriously this stupid idea by a bunch of idiot people is totally not a need at all..

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More Mature Politicians please!!!

I read the news report this morning at The Star online about assemblmen in Melaka shouting at each other during the debate in the Dewan Undangan Negeri. It all started when DAP assemblyman was asking a BN rep about whether the government would cancel all big gathering to avoid the spreading of A(H1N1) among the people. Before the BN rep could answer the question, another BN rep stood up and tchided the opposition for the recent sreet rally. Thereater, both parties started to shout at each other and some were calling names like "YB pendek" and "YB gemok"

I wonder if these idiot politicians thought that the people voted for them and paid for their salary for them to behave as an idiot and like small kids?

Children at the kindergarten behave better than them. Why can't they just simply let the BN rep to answer the question and take it from there. By interrupting in the Q&A sessions, there were just wasting their time and our money.

People said that Malaysia has first class infrustructure but third class mentality. It is simply because we have politicians who are mentally retarded.

Now, those idiot politicians, please get back to work!!!