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Monday, April 14, 2008

Down to Two

It is now a two-horse race with only Man United and second place Chelsea left to fight for EPL title. Let us join our hands to bid farewell for Arsenal. See you next season. With nine points clear behind Man United and with just four games left. Mathematically, Arsenal is still on the run but they need to depend too much on miracle. They need to win all their remaining four games (possible), which will entitled them for 12 points and at the same time hoping for Man United to lose all their remaining four matches and for Chelsea to lose at least three of their last remaining matches (impossible). So, logically and realistically, we can write off Arsenal chance for the title.

Well, some teams choose to be the leader throughout the season and some teams choose to emerge as the winner at the end of the day.

Again, no trophy to display in the trophy cabinet. Though early of the season, Arsenal targeted to be the treble winners (just like Man United in 1998/1999 season), which they have dashed their dream, they still have number three with them at the end of the season i.e. third place. So, for Arsenal fans out there, accept the fact. Try again next season. There is always next season for every season. If William Gallas can accept the lost (man! He did not cry last night!!!), I am sure the fans can accept too.

See ya next season…

Glory Glory Man United
Glory Glory Man United
Glory Glory Man United
And the red are marching on on on

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