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Monday, April 28, 2008

Avram Grant in Malaysia?

Chelsea is coming to Malaysia. As an Islamic country with no diplomatic relationship with Israel, certain quarters objected to the presence of Avram Grant, Chelsea's Manager in Malaysia with the team because he is from Israel. Also Tal Ben Haim, Chelsea's defender, who is also from Israel. It is either Chelsea comes without the duo or they do not come here at all.

I do agree with those who objected, not because I am a fan of Man U, but because of what Israel has done to Palestine so far. Also because of no diplomatic relationship with Israel.

Unfortunately, our government, I mean the Islam Hadhari government which is also the Chairman of OIC allows the duo to be in the country. My goodness. Hamid Albar said that sports should not be politicised.

Let me ask few questions: -

(1) During the last World Cup in Germany, the President of Iran was not allowed to enter Germany to watch the Iranian football team because of the nuclear issue. Anybody makes noise? Did any of Malaysian Ministers as the Chairman of OIC ever condemned such a move as politicising the sports. The answer is NO.

(2) Are we really starving to have Chelsea in Malaysia. Can't we live without Chelsea in Malaysia this year? Or at least until they have no Israelis in their team?

To me, when we have no diplomatic relationship, we should not allow our citizen to be in that country and vice versa for any reason whatsoever. We need to be firm with our stance. Put it this way, the western would not mind to do such thing but the Muslim leaders always have some reservation. No wonder they dare to insult Islam because we as a Muslim, are not certain in our stance.

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