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Friday, April 11, 2008


I received an email on this and I think it is worth to share with you guys.

Why is it a Jew can grow beard to practice his faith and when a Muslim do the same, he is labeled extremist and terrorist?

Why is it a Sister can cover her whole body as a devotion to God but when a Muslim do the same, she is being oppressed?

Why is it when a western woman becomes a housewife, she is respected and is said to have sacrificed for her family but when Muslim woman do the same, they said she must be freed

Why is it any girl can go to the university and dress as they wish because she has the right and freedom but when a Muslim wears a Hijab, she is denied her place in the University?

Why is it when a child inclines towards certain field, he is said to have the talent but when a child inclines to Islam, he is labeled as useless?

Why is it when a Jew kills, his act is not related to his religion but when a Muslim is alleged to have committed a crime, their act is always related to Islam?

Why is it when someone sacrifice himself for others to live, he is respected but when a Palestinian do the same to save himself, family, the mosque and his religion, he is labeled as terrorist?

Why is it when someone drives a luxury car in a dangerous manner, his car is never an issue but when a Muslim makes a mistake, people said that it is because of his religion?

Why do we really believe in what is reported by human being but always questioned what is stated in Al-Qur’an?

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