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Sunday, June 22, 2008

EURO 2008

The group stage is over and now teams have gone into the first knock-out stage i.e. quarter final. Eight (8) teams have qualified for the q-finals. Our of four (4) matches, three (3) matched have taken place and Germany, Turkey and Russia have booked their place in the semi final. Now, it is left one (1) more place for the s-final slot to be decided between Italy and Spain. Which team will join the first three teams in the s-final.

A little bit of on-paper analysis here. I will look from record and historical point of view. Based on record, the frist three (3) teams that I have mentioned before were all runners-up at the group stage, which means all the group Champion were ousted in the q-final. If it is meant that the s-final will be played by all the group runners-up, then, Italy will have their place in the s-final, as they were the runners up in Group D behind Holland while Spain was Group C Champion.

Historicaly, during the last two (2) major football tournaments i.e. World Cup 2002 and World Cup 2006, Guus Hiddink's (the Russia Coach) team had been playing against Italy in the q-final and the 2nd round respectively. In 2002, while under the care of Guus Hiddink, South Korea had created an up set against Italy in the q-final to march into the s-final where they lost to Germany. On the other hand, in 2006, Italy had a sweet revenge against Guus Hiddink (while he was coaching Australia) when Italy defeated Australia in the 2nd stage en route to them winning the World Cup. Both the matches (in 2002) and 2006) were decided by a late and very controversial goal. In 2002, it was Ann Jung Hwan who had scored a controversial goal against Italy (I can't exactly remember what happened but I remember the protest from Italy players). In 206, Italy earned a last minute controversial penalty when Grosso was seen to be brought dow by Aussie Defender.

So, in 2002, Italy was ousted by Guus Hiddink's team while in 2006, Guus Hiddink's team was ousted by Italy. If that is what it meant i.e. Guus Hiddink's team will only walk out from the tournament by Italy and vice versa as what happened in 2002 and 2006, then I guess, Italy will move to the s-final by defeating Spain tomorrow morning to set up a clash with Guus Hiddink's team (Russia).

Let us see whether my prediction is correct or Spain will break the tradition of being the only group Champion in the s-final.


Pancasara said...

Very I predicted earlier, Spain rulez!

Italy...maybe next time...

Now, would you switch your preferred team to Spain? Join me :)

Rozaimi Bin Mohd Said said...

Hmmmm..what to do??? But I put the blame 100% on Donadoni for fielding the impotent, paralysed and lazy tall Luca Toni for full 120 minutes during the match. He was hopeless. He should have been replaced with Del Piero much much the way, my bet is now the underdog team, Russia...coz I admire Guus Hiddink...He is the best coach I have seen thus far...thanks for your invitation anyway but I prefer to remian in the war against you...hahaha