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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Media Barred From Parliament Lobby (Part 4)

Ok, this may not be the best part but it is a sign that the best part is not that far away from us. The idiot bugger brainless Minister, Nazri Aziz criticised the move by the BBC in removing the barricade restricting the reporters from the Parliament lobby. In his critics, he was alleged to have accused the BBC members of being childish and gangster-like in removing the red tape placed as barricade at Parliament lobby on Tuesday.
In response to the brainless bugger Nazri's uncalled remark, the BBC Chairman Tiong King Sing said the backbenchers felt insulted by Nazri’s remarks, adding that the BBC had checked with both Speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia and Nazri and both were not aware of the barricade.
Tiong had also said the BBC would hold a meeting on Monday to discuss the issue and decide on the next course of action to be taken, as they felt Nazri had gone overboard.
Now, in response to the BBC's response, this bugger Nazri had this to say: -
“I am expecting the BBC to recommend to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to sack me as a minister. If they dare not do that on Monday, then shut up and don’t talk anymore,’’.
For the second time, this bugger Nazri has again shown his immaturity and stupidity in dealing with the pressure (not really a pressure for me) after he claimed earlier that (refer to my same posting under Part 3) he was just an intermediary between the Executive and the Legislative and he has nothing to do with the ban.
Now, my conclusion thus far are: -
(1) This bugger Nazri is mentally retarded;
(2) He is childish and his response was a gangster-like because he seems to be overreact and unable to cope with the misunderstanding between all the parties when he challenged the BBC to recommend to Si Bedol who is 2x5 with him to sack him as a Minister;
(3) This bugger Nazri thought that he is untouchable but least that he knows that he is actually vulerable;
(4) Should the BBC really make a move to ask Si Bedol to sack him as a Minister this Monday and Si Bedol, knowing very well that he needs someone idiot like Nazri to please him, refuse to sack the bugger Nazri (as expected), I now dare Nazri to tell Si Bedol to shut up and don't talk anymore (I dare to bet people like Nazri who has no balls won't make such a move. If he dares not to ask Si Bedol to shut up, then I am telling him right here right now that he has to shut up and do not talk anymore;
(5) This bugger Nazri knows it very well that Si Bedol can't live without him and that was why he dared to challenge the BBC to ask Si Bedol to sack him. Further, he also knows it very well that the BBC are mature and smart MPs, thus they will not make such a move;
(6) To certain extent, I do think that my theory about Si Bedol appointed him (bugger Nazri) as a Minister to be in charge of Parliament (equivalent to Building Manager or perhaps in charge of maintenance...hahaha...but the salary is too high la Bedol) to meet his (Nazri) greed is with some basis;
(7) At last the BN MPs realised that this bugger Nazri is useless, stupid, idiot so on and so forth after people like you and me realised it long time ago. But better late than never; and
(8) If there are a phyton and this bugger Nazri in front of me, I would rather kill Nazri first before the phyton. Reason being, the damage that the phyton would cause is very minimal as compared to this bugger Nazri who is able to cause damage substantially.
Feel free to add to my conclusion if you feel that I overlook some.
On another note, I was a practising lawyer for almost four (4) years. Before I went into and during my practice days, I always thought that all lawyers are smart and intelligent professionals but not until I came to know that Nazri is a lawyer by profession and he used to be in practice. He is a disgrace to the legal profession.
The drama is not far from over. Let us see what happen on Monday.
In a nutshell, Nazri Aziz is bangang.

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