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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Let's Celebrate the Fuel Price Increase Day

I want to write about the price increase...but I just do not know where to start because there are so many issues in my head. The excuse behind the increase, the real reason behind it, the inconsistent act and statement made by the government, the bluff, etc..etc..I am so frustrated, mad and many more feelings of that sort with the government. Simply because such a move by the government who cares about the people will affect almost everything.
The government announced that they will sort of absorbing the hardship that the middle class citizens are suffering by paying RM625 on annual basis. The question is, how long does the government will continue to make the payment? Whether the amount of RM625 is fixed or adjustable according to the fuel price and the subsidised amount? The government also announced they will be reveiwing the fuel price on monthly basis. Click here So, are the going to review the RM625 on monthly basis too? Some might say, the government won't do that, as it is cumbersome for them to do that. Let me tell you something. Just a few days ago, the government announced the ban on foreign vehicles from buying petrol near the border but in today's newspaper, Shahrir Samad annouced that the government has uplifted the ban. Click here See my point? Our government nowadays, they do not have proper plan. They do whatever they think at that time and that same decision may be changed as and when they like. Even few days ago, Shahrir even said the increase will take effect in August but suddenly things changed it took effect immediately. Click here So, my point is, the government nowadays can do whatever they like just like that. They do not have to think far. Do not take whatever annoucement made by the government at the face value and as good because they are able make a u-turn at any time they wish.
So, my dear friends out there, let us remember today, the 5th June 2008 as the Fuel Price Increase Day and if the government is to increase the fuel price in the future, they can do it on its anniversary. Put it in your calendar.

1 comment:

Rozaimi Bin Mohd Said said...

I wonder if the government would make such a nasty dicision to increase the fuel price if election has not taken place?