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Monday, June 23, 2008

From Bedol (Dolah Baduwi) to Najib...Any Difference?

We were told by Si Bedol that he has reached mutual agreement with Najib on the right time to transfer the premiership but the funniest part is that they have not fixed the date yet. Aiyahhh!!! These two jokers @ clowns, how can you know when is the right time when you have no date. How can that be? And worse still, how can that sort of arrangement be made by top two (2) leaders in the country? And Najib in his normal and usual style of bodekking (to please) Si Bedol, had this to say that he would not challenge si Bedol for power because as a "true Umno man" he would not risk destroying the party his father had built. My foot!!! True UMNO Man???!!! Hei Najib! Let me tell you, you are in the process of destroying UMNO and the Malays whether or not you become the PM. Click here

And Si Bedol had further stated tht he will hand over the Prime Minister’s post to him (Najib) ... "that’s for sure, there is no doubt that he is my replacement", said Si Bedol. Come on!!! There are only two (2) ways that Si Bedol will leave the PM post. Either the leadership of the country is taken over the PR i.e. Anwar Ibrahim or Si Bedol will lose to Ku Li in party election this coming December. In both situations, Najib will not be able to fulfill his dream to become the PM of Malaysia or rather his wife's dream to become Malaysia's first lady. Click here

On the other hand, Najib had this to say, "What’s the point of inheriting a position when you’re going to lose an election?”. Well, I guess Najib knows that he is not going to be the PM of Malaysia because there is no way he can inherit a party (UMNO) that will win in the election. You can wait, Najib but the time will never come. Click here

To me, the transition of power from Si Bedol to Najib is as good as transfer of power from Clinton to Bush or any America President for that matter because it does not make the world any better place to live.

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