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Saturday, May 10, 2008

AG Should Speed Up Probe against Karpal, says PM

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What???!!! I may not posses good English but I think the word probe means to investigate. Whose duty is it to investigate???

It is the duty for the police to investigate and it is the duty for the AG to decide whether or not to prosecute based on the investigation by the police. Since when does AG need to do investigative work? I KPI for the AG?

To Pak Lah, I still can’t figure out what is the real issue here? Is he (Pak Lah) trying to swing the rakyat’s attention or is this one of his cheapest ways to win back the people’s heart especially the Malays? I think Pak Lah is in a very stressful situation, which makes him can’t think properly. He can’t even differentiate between the role of the police and the role of the AG. He even try to dictate the AG what to do.

If you look at the first sentence of the newspaper report i.e. Abdullah said though it was a matter for the attorney-general, he hoped the investigation and decision on whatever action was to be taken would be made soon.

Pak Lah said “whatever action”, which means he is telling AG, whatever you do, make sure that action be taken. It seems that Pak Lah is now dictating the AG on what the AG is supposed to do. Action is a mandatory. I wonder what sort of Prime Minister we currently have. I feel so sorry for the nation for having a Prime Minister with such a mentality. The first sentence of the newspaper report above is a diplomatic way of getting involve in AG's works.

So, is AG independent?

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