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Monday, May 12, 2008

Man United are Champion

The season is over, the Champion has been annouced officially. After going through 38 games, with 27 wins, 6 draws and 5 lossses, scoring 80 goals against 22, Man United finally was crowned the EPL Champion last night. A night of glory.

Click here for EPL table{EA8B631F-F522-4CF7-924F-A6B215534EA5}


Syamsulfaiz said...

I still can't figure why I am not that thrilled about football. I dont even envy people who can sit for hours watching football or skip work because of football. I tried in the past to be interested but I just could not fake it. Whatever it is, allow me to congratulate all the Man United supporters for the win.

Rozaimi said...

Perhaps because you watched Malaysian league...let me share with you, if you want to fall in love with football, it will be a big mistake for you to start with the Malaysian league...hahahaha

By the way, thanks.