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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I Believe in what I Believe!!!

I have posted on issue surrounding Karpal's statement. I have also commented on other blogs about the same issue. In doing so, I made comparison about what happened in Terengganu and the issue surrounding Karpal.

I have also criticised the BN government on a lot of issues.

I received responses both on my posting here and my comments in other blogs. There may be people who misunderstood my posting and comments in different context.

I am called to clarify on this matter.

I have never been a fan of Karpal and used to be the fan of Anwar Ibrahim (not anymore). But I believe in the truth and fairness. If in my humble opinion I feel that what BN is doing is wrong, I will criticise.

I just could not imagine what the country will be if Anwar (in his present state of mind) becomes the PM. I do not want that to happen. Nonetheless, what Pak Lah is doing at the moment is actually helping Anwar to be in power.

Pak Lah kept saying that UMNO need to reinvent itself and win back the heart of the Malays but that was just the words that came out from his mouth. The BN leaders as a whole and Pak Lah in particular, up till now, they do not walk the talk. So, how are they going to get back the people's support. The damage that he and his cabinet members had done since 2004 was great and the least that they can do now is to show their sincerity in winning back the people's support. Sad to say, so far, I have not seen that and in fact the situation may become worse.

To mention just a few: -

(a) The double standard practised by UMNO leaders surrounding Karpal's statement as opposed to the issue surrounding the appointment of Terengganu MB.
(b) The use of Sedition Act against Raja Petra when it is actually a personal matter between Najib and Raja Petra.
(c) Pak Lah's instruction to AG to expedite action taken against Karpal when Pak Lah is supposed to stay away from AG's business and that AG is supposed to act freely without fear or favour.
(d) The issue surrounding the usage of indelible ink.
(e) The reappointment of some arrogant BN leaders as Cabinet members.
(f) Pak Lah's statement on the "accusation that UMNO leaders are arrogant" when it is "a fact" and not "an accusation". Pak Lah may still be dreaming about all these and cannot see the actual situation. In other words, he does not acceot the fact that most, if not all UMNO leaders are arrogant.

Having said that, I am not saying that Pak Lah has not done good things to the nation but he must realise one thing that when people are not happy with him, people tend to look at his mistake and blunder rather than his contribution. So, the least that Pak Lah can do is to minimise the new mistake and rectify the previous mistake.

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