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Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Eldest Son Turns 4 Yesterday, 28/5/2008

It was my eldest son, Iman's 4th birthday yesterday. The celebration was held at Mc. Donald's Bandar Tun Hussein Onn. My son had been talking about his birthday party days before his birthday. He was so eager and excited to have his birthday celebrated at Mc Donald's. Even his two cousins, Aizat (7) and Aleef (6) had asked me few times about the party. Though Aizat lookd excited with the party, I was also told by my sister, Aizat's mother that at the 11th hour, Aizat chose not to attend the party simply because he just could not stand looking at Iman receiving many birthday presents. Aizat in fact asked my sister to go to my other sister's house in Putrajaya instead of attending Iman's birthday party but when he was told that my sister in Putrajaya was also attending the party, he had no choice but to attend it. But all the kids, Aizat (7), Aleef (6), Raziq (10), Rai (8), Iman (4), Azam (3) and Kamil (1+) really enjoyed the party. Aizat's envy about Iman getting many presents was very obvious when Iman started to open all the presents. He just could not hide it. We were all laugh looking at the way Aizat reacted everytime Iman opened his presents. But in the end, all the kids played together. They even went to my house after the party finished at 10.30pm for cuppa coffee and the kids played the birthday presents with Iman happily.
But I suffer a bit because one of the birthday presents (from Aizat and family) was actually a car racing track and Iman asked me to assemble it. Well, it was not an easy task to assemble the track at 11.45pm when I was tired and sleepy. But it was my son's birthday, so I have no choice and not to let him down on his birthday but to agree to assemble the track. It was a try and error process for me because after so may attempts, I just could not get it right. I almost give up but Iman insisted of having it assemble before he went to bed. Finally, at 12 something, I managed to assemble it and Iman gets to put the race car on the track and raced with me for few laps before he agreed to go to bed. He was so happy.
To those who presents last night, thank you very much for your presence and your precious time spent to cheer up my son on his 4th birthday. Thank you also for all the presents.

Few birthday photos to share...

Happy Birthday to Iman. Semoga menjadi anak yang soleh dikemudian hari. Amin...

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