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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Cabinet Didn't Approve of Indelible Ink, said EC Chairman

What a twist now!!! Now, it is a totally new story. It was the cabinet and not the EC who scrapped the idea of using the indelible ink. Read full story here

There can be two (2) possibilities here and few consequences: -

Possibility No. 1 and The Consequence
What the EC Chairman said is true. If that is the case, one peculiar issue here is why was there cabinet's involvement in EC's business. EC should be independent and impartial in discharging its duties. No one political party, not even the government should have any sort of influence over EC. EC should be allowed to discharge its duties without fear or favour. But the question here is, why did the cabinet has to disapprove the use of indelible ink? After all these hanky panky, are we supposed to believe the excuse given i.e. security reason? WHY??? This is absolutely amounting to abuse of power and I believe the ACA, without having to wait for any report should commence the investigation without any due delay. The ACA should get to the bottom of the issue. The allegation by the EC Chairman is very serious (perhaps more serious than Karpal's statement) because it involves the process of formation of the government. As such, I do not see why the ACA should not commence its investigation immediately unless there is also an instruction from the cabinet that no investigation should be carried out. This is very interesting, as I am waiting, what's next.

Possibility No. 2 and The Consequence
The EC Chairman tell lies. If that is the case, then I believe that the EC Chairman should be charge under the infamous Sedition Act. Simply because his statement (if indeed untrue) can cause public to lose confidence in the present government.

So, whatever the possibility is, there is always a consequence. So, let us see the reaction from Pak Lah, or may be Najib (as Pak Lah is good is pushing the responsibility to his deputy) or may be Nazri Aziz because I think this is the best time for him to be a hero to save his Boss or his Boss to be.

Having said that, there is a strong indication from the EC Chairman's statement that there was or were interference from the government. I mean, if we really analyse his statement as a whole and in particular the following: -

He said he was told to take responsibility for agreeing to it...It’s not easy being EC chairperson

I just do not see how we can interpret the above two statements other than serious interference from the government in the business of EC. I think everybody will agree with me. The whole statement quoted above shows that after the Cabinet made the decision (to scrap the use of the ink), the Chairman left with no option but to agree with it and after having been made to agree (may be unwillingly) with the decision, he was told to take responsibility. What an irresponsible cabinet the nation had then. Well, for the EC Chairman, you were made a scapegoat.

1 comment:

Rozaimi Bin Mohd Said said...

In response to what the EC Chairman alleged, Pak Lah has denied the allegation by saying that the cabinet was merely giving its views and it was up to the EC to decide. Hmmm....I wonder why the cabinet should get involve or bother to give their view to the EC? If at all, it should come from BN and not the cabinet.

Whatever, it is, either one of them (Pak Lah or Rashid) must be a big time liar.