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Friday, May 30, 2008

It Is Our 5th Anniversary

In 2003, on the same date, on the same day and in the same month, I became the husband for my lovely wife. The solemnisation of our marriage was done very smoothly. With just one aqad, I became a husband. It was totally a new world for me, just like other newly weds. More responsibilities for me. I have to guide my wife to walk in the right path. I was then, became a leader, not only for myself, but also for my other half. I felt complete.

This was done after about 2 years courting. Going back to those days before our marriage, I must say it was not an easy relationship. It was not because she or I was difficult, but the surrounding circumstances made it difficult for us. We were sort of “boycotted” by our close friends for quite some times before they could accept the fact that we were meant to be together. It was quite a sad and hard moment when our very close friends kept their distance from us but we kept telling ourselves, this is about us and not about them. If we want to be happy, we have to listen to ourselves alone and not others, as, if we were to follow what they said, they might not be there if we were in trouble. The options that were available to me then were either I choose my friends or the girl that I want to share my whole life with. Well, it was not really a tough decision to make and in the end I made up my mind and I am glad that I have made the correct decision. To me, I could still afford to lose my friends at that point of time, as I knew that I can always make new friends but I just could not afford to lose the girl that I love, as it was not easy to find one.

The best part was that, in the end our friends could accept the fact that we were meant to be together and everything went back as it was. So, I got it all.

To my lovely wife: -

Our love is the long lasting kind;
We’ve been together quite a while;
I love you for so many things;
Your voice, your touch, your kiss, your smile;
You accept me as I am;
I can relax and just be me;
Even when my quirks come out;
You think they’re cute;
you let me be;
With you, there’s nothing to resist;
You’re irresistible to me;
I’m drawn to you in total trust;
I give myself to you willingly;
Your sweet devotion never fails;
You view me with a patient heart;
You love me, dear, no matter what;
You’ve been that way right from the start;
Those are just a few reasons whyI’ll always love you like I do;
We’ll have a lifetime full of love;
And it will happen because of you.

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