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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

No Evidence Indelible Ink was Brought In

I do not understand. What is this all about? Is it supposed to be a joke? If it is, it is not funny!!! The foreigners are laughing at us. To them, it is damn funny because those in power makes us, Malaysian looks stupid.

At first, the Election Commission announced the usage of the indelible ink during the PRU12. Click here to read more: -

Next they annouced the arrival of the indelible ink from India, which cost the country more than RM2million. Click here to read more: -

Then it was reported few days before the election on March 8 that EC has scrapped the usage of indelible ink for the following reasons: -

(a) It will be unconstitutional to use the indelible ink during election;
(b) It was not practical to use the ink during election;
(c) Police Reports lodged on the possibility of sabotage i.e. that some irresponsible quarters had purchased indelible ink from abroad with the intention of creating confusion and suspicion as to the status of voters.

Click here to

The best part was the police reports were lodged on Feb 16 and 21. Click here to read more: -

Now, the government announced in Parliament that investigation revealed that there is no evidence that indelible ink was brought in. Click here to read more: -

Now, the questions: -

(a) Since the reports were lodged weeks before the election and now that the finding is very simple i.e it was rumours, was it impossible for the police to conclude their investigation within few days, so that annoucement could be made before election?
(b) Why there was no earlier announcement made on findings?
(c) What action does the police takes against those who lodge the police report, as I consider this as an act of sabotage, thus it tantamounts to lodging false police reports?
(d) What happened to the ink which was purchased at a cost of more than RM2million?
(e) Were the police reports genuine or was it just to cover EC's overlook on their side on unconstitutionality of the ink?

I wish if I can ask the Minister in charge those questions in Parliament.


Syamsulfaiz said...

You have done quite a research on this entry. I like reading it.

Rozaimi said...

Thanks bro. You know why? Because I personally think these are all bluff and a waste of public fund, I mean your money and my money and other people's money (if in deed the EC bought the ink).