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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Of Sports and Politic

The Sports Minister, Ismail Sabri has requested Mokhzani Mahathir to vacate his seat as the Sepang International Circuit (SIC) Chairman. According to Sabri, the position of SIC Chairman is the right of the government. As such, when Mokhzani quit UMNO recently, he (Mokhzani) should relinquish his position in the government. Sabri further said that SIC is the subsidiary of Malaysia Airport Holdings Berhad (MAHB), which is controlled by the government through Khazanah Holdings.

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The request by Sabri is too childish, not mature and uncalled for. To me, if at all Mokhzani needs to step down or be replaced it should be done because of his performance i.e. on merit and not on political reasons. If Mokhzani has done a good job so far and can still do a good job, I do not see why he should be asked to step down. This is the problem in Malaysia. Everything is being politicized. If this Sabri type of mentality is being nurtured to our people, I bet, there is no way we can move further. Such mentality brings us to nowhere because we put someone in certain position because of his/her political connection and not because of his/her ability to do the job.

In any event, if Mokhzani really being asked to step down because of the abovementioned stupid reason, I believe that the government should also do a thorough checking on all government servants to check which political party they are in and to ask those from the opposition to resign because they are holding position in the government which the government has the right to decide on it. But if the government is not willing to do that, stop from asking Mokhzani to step down just because he quit UMNO.

Last but not least, please GOD, help us, we need politicians with brains, who can think rationally.

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