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Saturday, May 10, 2008

9 Police Reports Lodged Against Karpal

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I do not understand all these people. Who caused uneasiness among the rakyat??? Is it Karpal or those who politicising and sensationalising the issue?

Well, if that is the case, I strongly recommend that amendment be made to the Federal Constitution to take away the Prime Minister's role in advising the Yang Di Pertuan Agong. That will resolve the whole issue?

Those people who lodged the police reports, to me, they have a very selective memory and biased in their action. No police report was lodged when Terengganu BN assemblymen went against the wish of the Sultan in appointing Datuk Ahmad Said as the Menteri Besar. To me, Rosol Wahid and Pak Lah should be charged unde Sedition Act then because they have caused hatre among the people towards Yang Di Pertuan Agong when a banner with the word natang (animal)meant for the Yang Di Pertuan Agong was put on in Terengganu. As for Karpal's case, so far, I do not see any hatred feeling towards the Sultan caused by Karpal's statement.

I wonder whether these people who lodged the police reports understand or at least know about the law especially the Constitution and Court cases. My advise is if you do not know anything about all these, better sit at home and mind your own business.


anak langkawi said...

Dear Mr. ROzaimi.
I will let u know the difference between two cases..

Karpal sigkh - He is a MP & leader to DAP

Terengganu Case - They are a bunch of UMNo members (rosol wahid or whatsoever)..

so u tell me which one is worst?.. a leader giving statement or a UMNO member giving statement.. Well wait.. didn't that UMNO already as for forgiveness to SULtan.. well wait .. what about Karpal case? did he ask for forgiveness or he just stick to his words?

Rozaimi said...

Whoever give statement is not an issue here but the issue here whether such statement made is seditious or not. In that sense, I do not see any difference between the statement made by Karpal and the UMNO supporters if in deed what Karpal had said is seditious in nature.

As for UMNO, who asked for apology? If I remember correctly, it was Idris Jusoh who sought forgiveness from His Royal Highness and not Rosol Wahid or whoever flying the banner with the word "natang" on it or Pak Lah. I may have overlooked it but sincerely I do not recall any. We must remember, Idris Jusoh took the stand of being silence on the issue surrounding the appointment of Terengganu MB. It was Rosol Wahid who threatened Ahmad Said to remove his UMNO membership, it was Pak Lah who refused to meet Ahmad Said in Putrajaya and it was UMNO supporters who flying the banner. So, any of these parties sought apologies?

To me, be consistent in your action. If what Karpal said was wrong, what UMNO did was ever more wrong.