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Monday, February 18, 2008

Most Awaited Night

Tomorrow night is the night that my colleagues and I have been waiting since end of last year. Reason being? Because tomorrow night is our company’s Chinese New Year dinner. It is not a normal dinner like our Deeparaya or Christmas dinner that we had end of last year. While we can afford to miss both Deeparaya and Christmas dinner, we just can’t afford to miss the CNY dinner. Like what my boss said, even if you are not feeling well, you must attend the dinner.

Simple reason. The door gift is simply irresistible. Last 2 years, the door gift was 3G phone voucher worth RM1500 and last year, the door gift was vacation voucher worth RM1000 and AstroMax decoder. So, What’s for this year??? Can’t wait for tomorrow nite.


nurulazreenazlan said...

so what did you get? hehe.

Rozaimi said...

Not yet. Tonight is the dinner...berdebar2...hehehe

rogayah said...

all the best and good luck!!!

Rozaimi said...

The waiting is over, the food is served, sir, please enjoy your dinner...well the food was delicious, the crab, garoupa, lobster, just to mention a few...ooops before that, what made the dinner more meaningful of course the door gift, everybody received RM2000 worth of senheng voucher, cash RM10 & 10 lottery tickets (which I gave to my friends)...the jackpot is around friend said he will definitely resign if win the jackpot