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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Election is just round the corner

12th General Election is just around the corner. This will be the second time i cast my vote though it should be the third one. Reason? Because being young once upon a time (oops, I am still young), I did not really bother with the election. I had this thinking in my mind...what difference will I make with my one vote? My answer was simple and straightforward then...none. To be frank, i have never cast my vote or rather exercise my right as a voter when I was a student. But four years ago, all that changed. Perhaps, because I have started working and became more mature. I was so eager to cast my vote in 2004 (my first time kan?) and it really made me feel good as the party that I voted for won after losing in so many previous elections to the other party. But now, am I still eager to cast my vote. I am not sure about that. But I will use my once-in-four-years right to determine which party should run the country.

I think it should be very interesting election this time around, to see whether the BN coalition is able to maintain or rather repeat their major win during the previous election. What are the issues that are going to be raised by the opposition? What would be the defence by the BN? What would be the manifesto of the contesting parties? What would be the promise(s) this time around should they win the election? Very interesting to note. Not only that, the naming of the candidates also is an interesting part. Before any general election, we normally hear candidates are willing to contest at different area just for the sake of challenging other candidates or candidates invite their opponent to contest in their comfort zone. But more often than not, it will normally won't take place...well, it is what we call politics. Who want to lose in general election then? So, I suppose, those are the gimmick before the election.

Apart from that, there are also incumbents who are so confident of retaining their seat and making statement in the newspaper, which to certain extent, it sounds like "cakap besar" and "sombong". I just want to wait for the outcome. Should he or she loses, serves them right.

There are also MPs, which in my opinion should not be contesting in this coming general election. I mean, they should volunteer themselves to give way to new fresh candidate rather than being dropped by the party's top leadership. As nowadays, we can watch them debating in the parliament, we can see that there are MPs who like to talk or rather debate "rubbish" in the parliament. Sometimes, they talk or debate issues with no merit. I do not know what is their intention of doing so, but would it be possible that they want people in their constituency to see that they really do their "work"?

During the last general election, there was proposal (or was it really a proposal?) that YB should be referred to as "Yang Berkhidmat" rather than "Yang Berhormat". It was a good idea, as it can always remind the YB that they were elected by the people to serve the people and none others. But until now, I do not hear or read anywhere of them being called "Yang Berkhidmat"

So, let's exercise our right and cast your vote wisely.

Can't wait for March 8, 2008.

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