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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Stay or go?

I have read today’s The Star and of course, the free daily, The Sun. As usual, the news were centered at the 12th general election. There were so many until I do not know which one to write about. Finally, I made up my mind and chose to write on various issues that really interesting in my opinion.

The Sun reported that “MIC goes for new bloods”. Hahaha…remember in my previous posting? Every general rule there is an exception. So, reading the headlines will give different impression but after reading the reports, it is not really new bloods. It is mix of old and new bloods because the old bloods are still there to contest.

The Star, on the other hand reported that the “close-one-eye” MP of Jasin has been dropped…hehehe…remember him? Oklah. My prayers answered…at last…hahaha!!! That was what I highlighted in my previous posting. If you want to be a candidate or if you are chosen to be a candidate (sounds like you have no choice but to follow the decision of pucuk pimpinan), make sure that you have what it takes to be a good leader. Do not simply contest for the sake of popularity and monetary benefits.

I read an email about election. I do not really remember the exact story bit it goes something like this. An MP passed away and was told by the angel that he can choose either to go to heaven or to hell. He chose heaven instead of hell (of course, no person on the right frame of mind will choose hell!!!). But the angel said, no, you have to spend your time for one week in hell and one week in heaven before you can choose. So, the MP was sent to spend his time in hell for one week. When he entered the hell, he was greeted by his supporters and colleagues. They were actually at the golf course, playing golf, good food was served, it was like…in heaven. Before he could really enjoy his good time in hell, he was told by the angel to go to heaven. As he reached the heaven, he was greeted by normal citizens and nothing was interesting as compared to what he enjoyed in Hell. So, when the time comes for him to make up his mind, he chose hell instead of heaven. So, the angel took him back to the hell. To his surprise, as he entered the hell, he was still greeted by his supporters but this time around they were in dump site with full of garbage, very stinky, they were all with torn dress. So, he asked the angel, what happened. The angel said, “when you first came here, it was during your campaign period, but now you have won the election”.

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