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Surah Yaasin Amazing Recitation



Tuesday, February 26, 2008


The Propohet (pbuh) said:

"Alyadul 'ulya khairun min alyadis sufla wabda' biman ta'ul" which means, "the hand on top (giver) is better than the one at the bottom (receiver) and start with those under your care".

The above hadith teaches us on the issue of helping others while performing our responsibilities. While it is good to help others in term of monetary or otherwise, it is of utmost importance that we start all those good deeds at home. Before we help others in any way, we must ensure that those under our care and responsibilities i.e. wife/wives and children (and parents) are really and well taken care of and not neglected.

A simple example is a husband/father who does not mind in spending money for his friends but become very calculative when it comes to his wife/wives and children. This practice or habit is against the teaching of Islam as reflected in the above hadith.

Remember this - Our family members are our responsibilities and they are our main priority over other people.

Wallahu 'alam...

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