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Monday, February 18, 2008

People come and people go

People come and people go. When you have people around you and when the time comes, the people around you leave you (of course for a good reason), somehow or rather, you will have this one strange feeling…sort of loneliness (not that real loneliness). You can feel the different before and after. I am not sure whether everybody will have this feeling, but at least for me, yes.

I mean, when they were with me, I can really feel their existence. We had dinner together, talked about so many issues, we had good laugh, etc, etc. But when they go, I need to adjust myself. Going back home after work, look at the room they used to occupy in my house, I can feel some sort of…

Since my first year of marriage, my mother-in-laws will come to my house together with my bro and sis in laws during the year-end school holiday. They will spend their school holiday at my house. So, every time I come back from office, my house is already lively. I will see my eldest son playing and enjoying his time with his uncles and aunties and not to forget, his grandmother. They will run here and there and it is noisy. But I like it. I cherish the moment. But I miss those moments after they go back to Kelantan to start the new school term. The feeling is unexplainable. Just imagine, everyday when they were at my house, every time I reach home from office, the door is already open, there are people in my house. Suddenly, I reach home, nobody to welcome me. No noisy. Nobody run here and there. Oh! I miss those moments. But it last may be for one day only lah. So, it is not so tragic.

Last year, as usual, they came to my house for three weeks. After they went back to Kelantan (just before Aidiladha), I pity my eldest son. He was so sad. On the day my in-laws went back, after we reached home from office, my wife asked my son, as he looks sad, whether he was thinking of his uncles and his reply was something like “jangan sebutlah mama”.

Yesterday, after spending almost two months at my house, my nephew officially “check-out” from my house. He has rented a house on his own. When he “check-out” yesterday, I was not at home, as I was in my sister’s house in Putrajaya. So, last night, I told my eldest son that since Abang (my nephew) is no longer staying with us, you can now using this toilet and his reply to me was, “tak lah papa, abang syahir belum balik lagi lah (as my nephew always come home late). I told him few times that his cousin is not staying with us anymore. Finally, I showed him my nephew’s room, which was already emptied. I do not know whether he understood or not but tonite, I am expecting a question from my son, “where is abang?”.

A year ago, after spending almost one year at my house, my niece also “check-out”, as she went to UK to further her studies. I had the same feeling.


rosman mohd said...

mi, sonang jo kalu nok penuhkan ghumah supaya setiap haghi balik keje, pintu dah terbukak dan ada ghamai oghang. caghik oghang gaji yg dah kawin dan ada anak ghamai. sughuh depa semua duduhk ghumah kau. amacam?

Rozaimi said...

kalaau bukan mahram, susah le pulak...tapi muka kalu macam acha saptriasa ke, will consider...hehehe

nurulazreenazlan said...

rumah busu official tempat anak-anak sedara tumpang bermanja kalau kat kl, hehe.

keep up the good work busu =) really miss you all, termasuklah si iyaz yang tak pernah jumpa lagi tu. apa kepandaian dia sekarang?

Rozaimi said...

Iyaz can speak his own language...menyakat pun dah boleh, the victim??? Iman lah

syahir said...

well,it's not easy for a new beginner in KL like me to survive. pretty lucky we got uncle aunty yg boleh tumpang bteduh. Thank you so much :)

i hope iman still not asking "where's abang?", as what he normally asked me after i reached home, "mana kakak?" aah can checkout anytime you like, but you can never leave - Hotel Cslifornia

Rozaimi said...

of course, my house is always open if you want to make a u-turn...manalah tau, kot2 after the election, dah tak busy, rasa kesunyian dok sorang2...hehehe...I pity syahir coz Iman selalu tanya dia "mana kakak?"...pedih! pedih!