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Monday, February 18, 2008

Clash of the Titans, part 2 - Who has the last laugh???

Finally…the wait is over…Man U outclassed archrival Arsenal in a very impressive and entertaining way. My prediction? Though the end result was correct but the score wasn’t. Reason? Because, when I made my prediction, I still have little respect for Arsenal…I was wrong when I make the prediction... So, immdediately after the match, 3 smses were sent to my Arsenal and Liverpool friends. Liverpool? Ooops, Liverpool was thrashed out by Barnsley at their home ground…So, it should be a double-joy for me…hahaha!!!! But the saddest part, come to the last eight, only 2 top teams in the league i.e. Chelsea and Man U are still in the run…the Final match could be a repeat of last season final or between one of the top two against other teams still in the run (which, on paper, we can predict who is going to be the winner). Just hoping for repeat of last season Final. So, who had the last laugh?????


nurulazreenazlan said...

busu, bagi size jersey pastu specify nak long sleeve ke short sleeve ke sekali dengan nombor dgn nama kalau nak.

maklumlah, bakal dapat gaji pertama dan insya allah ada gaji-gaji seterusnya, hehe. takat jersey sehelai untuk pak sedara mampu la kot nak beli =)

Rozaimi said...

Thanks...since malaysian size and uk size is different, let me do the measurement first...but definitely short sleeve...I am in Malaysia snow