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Monday, February 18, 2008

Marriage & Engagement

They are married!!!! At Last...Two of my school best and good friends got married last week and now left with another one, who told me that his engagement will be this coming Saturday and wedding, InsyaAllah, this August.

Well, at last!!! I have 4 school best friends. Those days, when we were students, I always go to their house to lepak-lepak and mengisi masa kosong. Our house not that near. I would say the nearest from my house is about 3-4km (Semabok) while the other three were staying in the same area (Ayer Molek) which is about 10km (i guess) from my house. Before I have my driving licence, I used to cycle to their houses and there was one time, another friend of mine came to my house during Ramadhan and we cycled to my friends house at Ayer Molek and it was Friday. We were okay when we reached Ayer Molek but we had very big problem to cycle back to my house for Friday prayer. Another 10km? Fasting month? Thirsty? Under the hot sun? Make me more thirsty. But we managed to go back to my house before Friday prayer and we did not break our fasting...believe me.

The first time my friends came to my house, same transportation...they were cycling from Ayer Molek and Semabok to my house for raya...they did not know where my house was and they used Masjid Al-Azim as the landmark. So, they ended up ikut sawah at bukit piatu and reached my house like orang baru balik sawah...

Those were the days.

But now one tradition that we still continue is gather at my house during raya eve. That, without fail except when I celebrate my raya in Kelantan.

Now, all of us except one are married. So, Congratulation to all my friends, tak kiralah, yang dah kawin or yang nak bertunang. Welcome to the Club.

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