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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Clash of the Titans

A match that is not to be missed. It is a do-or-die match for Man U when they play Arsenal early tomorrow morning in FA cup match. A match that Man U definitely can't afford to lose, as they are now trailing Arsenal by 5 points in the second place.

This afternoon I travelled back to my hometown, Melaka. About 1km after I left my house, suddenly I realised that I have forgotten to bring back my astro smart card. Without any second thougt, I made a u-turn to my house to take the astro smart card. My wife was not happy, as we were already late to attend my friend's wedding in Melaka. Well! What to do sayang? You are married to a football fan and to be exact, Man U fan. Bear with me.

When I left Maybank, I missed 1 thing, that is "perang mulut" with those fans of Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and last but not least Spurs. It was always nicer when Man U won any match against those teams or any of those teams losses their match, as it means I would have the upper hand in our "war". But that was history and one my nice memories in Maybank, as in my new office, there is only one football fan and that friend of mine is a fan of none others than the great team, Man U. So, while it is good to have a "teammate", I must admit that it is pretty boring, as I do not have a "quarrel partner".

Going back to the match, it is a match that I can't miss to watch. Come on Man U! Lets win this crucial match, otherwise I'll receive sms from my Arsenal friend and I do not want that to happen.

My prediction? Man U (2) Arsenal (1)

Glory Glory Man Utd
Glory Glory Man Utd

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