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Friday, February 22, 2008

Attention to all passengers…Sorry for the inconvenience

The above is the announcement made by the operator of the Light Rail Transit (LRT) (Kelana Jaya Line) formerly known as LRT Putra when there is a service disruption.

Talking about service disruption, this morning they have the same problem, again. Which means, this is not the first time. Since 29/1/2008 (which is barely less than one month from today), I have experienced it three times. That were those occasions that I knew of. May be it is more than that. After all, I am not surprised if there were more than 3 occasions for the past one month.

I used their services way back in 2001 for about one year. The service was far from satisfactory. I mean, with the very short coaches to accommodate a large number of passengers. If you can imagine, what people said, “macam dalam tin sardin”, that is how I describe the crowd in the LRT especially during peak hours. And the worst part, they never learn from it.

Now, it is 2008, they are still providing the very short coaches and the crowd is the same as those in 2001. Not only that, their service disruption level also is high (if they have at least three in less than one month). So, I assume that having an imported CEO is of no use and of no help. I do not see any improvement in that sense. So, I think may be they need to have a local CEO, who I think, might understand the local problems better.

Sometimes end of last year, i sent an email to them complaining, amongst others, the "sardine" problem. Their reply was that the government/the operator has ordered more coaches and they expect with the arrival of the new coaches, they can solve the problem. My goodness!!! I do not know when was the order made, but since 2001 until now, the problem remains the same. Even if they buy more coaches but for every train, they remain with two coaches, i do not see how they can overcome the situation. if they can have more coaches for their Ampang Line LRT (formerly known as Star LRT), i just cannot understand why they cannot have the same arrangement for their Kelana Jaya Line.

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