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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Treat Anwar With Respect, says Najib

The title of this post is actually the title in TheStar online. Reading the title made me feel, ok, at least Najib's statement make sense. Whether it is for political reason or sincerely came from him, that is different issue. The title really made me wanted to read through the news report but not until I reached this passage: -
On why Anwar was arrested an hour before he was to report himself to the police, Najib said the police had already explained this.
"Does it make so much difference, another half an hour, 45 minutes?", he asked.
No wonder the deputy home minister gave stupid answer yesterday. And do you realise that this Najib is our next PM (at least for now)?


Pancasara said...

I fully concur with your opinion..but I still strongly think Anwar won't present himself nonetheless.

Right action...only wrong timing.

Roughly, I almost completed reading your whole blog...right from February. Mengah jugak...haha.

You came from Islamic school...a stark contrast with mine. I came from a highly secular private school...where they once prohibited girls from wearing tudung.

But you've grown up well...not too conservative, presents your idea clearly and posses articulate thinking as well.

Maybe it's time for me to change my perception about Islamic school...

Rozaimi Bin Mohd Said said...

I don't blame you if you have that sort of perception on islamic is the way, thanks for spending your precious time reading through all my posting...I know it is a lot