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Monday, July 21, 2008

PM Has Met with Top PAS Leaders

"The meetings are at the initial stage. There is no need to give other details as you will make all sorts of speculation," Abdullah told reporters after the launch of the National Cooperative Day here yesterday (verbatimly as reported by The Star online).
I laud and welcome such a move. I have thought about this after the March 08 election and in fact I have written about it. Whether it is at the initial stage or later stage, it is still a positive move. And again, I agree with si Bedol.
But, having said that, I think si Bedol will always be a Bedol. I find it funny when he said “There is no need to give other details as you will make all sorts of speculation”. How can a PM expects people not to speculate when he gives us rooms to speculate?

To si Bedol, if you do not want people to speculate, then give details. You do not have to give the full details but sufficed with just the main issues discussed. Or if you intend not to divulge any information at the moment, then do no talk about speculation. You could just say, “I will not release any detail at this juncture” and full stop. People will speculate when they know something is going on but they do not have the information. For example, when people knew that election was just around the corner, so long as you do not tell them when you were going to dissolve the Parliament, people will speculate about it. They will only stop speculating when you gave them the date. The same thing goes, for example, recently when it was first reported that a DG of government department was detained for corruption. People would speculate because there were so many DGs in Malaysia but everything was put to rest when a day later, it was made it clear that it was the DG of Immigration.
So, to si Bedol, what you have in mind was the other way around. People will not speculate when you given them the information (and not like what you thought).

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