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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Right Operation at The Wrong Place and The Wrong Time (Police's Efficiency)

Police set up few road blocks in few places in KL this morning and according to City police chief, "the roadblocks were part of its operations".
What sort of operation was that? What was so urgent for the police to set up the road blocks? Can't they do it some other time or at some other places. If at all, you want to do road blocks as part of your "operation" do not do it during peak hours and if our policemen do not know when is the peak hours in KL, it is the time when people are going to work and when they go back home.
I do not see any logic for the police to set up road blocks in the morning when people are going to work. They do not use their common sense, unless it is so urgent and they have a very strong reason, which they do not want to share with the public. Well, that's their fault if the public have their own perception on the road blocks. As if the massive traffic jam on Monday morning was not enough to see the people's suffering.

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