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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lewd and Obscene Gesture by Bung Mokhtar

Yesterday, for the first time I watched the live telecast of Parliament sitting on RTM1. It was not a full sitting as a lot of seats were empty. I wonder where were those MPs who are supposed to be in the Parliament. Late coming? Perhaps. But it is not the corum that I want to share with you but a lewd and obscene gesture made by Bung Mokhtar. I am sure by now everybody knows who Bung Mokhtar is. For those who does not know him, sufficed to me to say that he is one of the BN three stooges in the previous term (the other two were Jasin MP, Md Said and Sri Gading MP, Aziz). Bung Mokhtar is a disgraced to the MPs. If you watch him "debating" (well, I must say that Bung Mokhtar does not really debating but more towards arguing) in Parliament, as a Malaysian citizen, you would be ashamed because what and how our MPs behave reflect us the Malaysians. He talked nonsense and only nonsense and for being nonsense, he is now the deputy chairman of the BBC. Can you beat that? Don't you think that it is nonsense?
So, yesterday, as usual, RTM1 showed half an hour live telecast of the Parliament sitting. It started at 10.00am and ended at 10.32am (my time). Towards the end of the live telecast, there was an argument between Bung Mokhtar and an opposition MP. It seems that Bung Mokhtar had the last say by making lewd and obscene gesture to the opposition MP because the live telecast was ended abruptly the moment Bung Mokhtar made the gesture. I am very sure that RTM will not make this an issue unless the gesture was made by opposition MPs.
The lewd and obscene gesture that Bung Mokhtar made was exactly the same as the photo shown below by Adnan Yaakob. Amazingly, it is a photo of another BN leader. Am I right to conclude that BN leaders are prone to making lewd and obscene gestures?

To watch the video of Adnan Yaakob, click here

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