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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sodomy or No Sodomy???

I believe that is what the public want to know i.e. whether Saiful Bukhary was indeed sodomised by Anwar Ibrahim. We are not interested in the hanky panky on the matter. Push here, push there, accuse here, accuse there, deny here, deny there, statement here, statement there. We just want to know whether the AG is going to charge Anwar. That's all.
I mean the police have recorded statement from the "victim" and the "accused". The police have got the DNA of the "victim" as well as the DNA of the "accused" (in 1998). They have got the medical report. So, what are they waiting for? Don't tell me that our police is no longer efficient (after their efficiency in arresting Anwar Ibrahim a couple of weeks ago).
Allegation against Anwar should not be dealt with as if it is just another criminal case in Malaysia. There is element of "public interest" in this case. But I wonder what make the police take a "long" time to conclude their investigation or for the AG chambers to decide whether or not to charge Anwar.
On another note, I also wonder what happened to police's investigation against Karpal on his statement allegedly insulted the Sultan of Perak. After so long, there is no news on it. All the so-called Malay leaders who has lodged their police reports are now quiet. If at all they care about the Malays and our Sultans, I think the least they should do now is to ask the AG what happened to the case? It seems that the case that was at one time "urgent" are no longer "urgent".

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