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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Anwar was Arrested in Advance

What has happened to our police force? All of a sudden and out of blue, they became damn bl**dy efficient? They gave Anwar Ibrahim until 2pm to be present at the city police HQ today to have his statement recorded but this poor chap was arrested at 12.55pm. That was 65 minutes early man!!!
According to the deputy home minister (no brain minister and I believe a good friend of Nazri Aziz), the arrest was made in anticipation that Anwar would not be able to make it to the city police HQ by 2pm. So, based on that bl**dy reason, the police decided to "fetch" and "escort" Anwar to the police HQ. And you know what? Our policemen did a damn bl**dy good job!!! They managed to reach the city police HQ at 1.15pm and that was 45 minutes early. Clap! Clap! Clap! Well done!!!
And you know what??? Just after they made a damn bl**dy "good" job in escorting Anwar, the police failed to keep their words. The recording of the statement should have taken place at 2pm. The time was set by the police. But they started to record Anwar's statement only at 2.50pm!!! So, what the fuss that the deputy home minister was worried that Anwar could not make it on time when it was the police who were late? The recording was made 50 mintues late than the scheduled time and that means Anwar had to wait at the city police HQ for 95 minutes.
To me, if at all the police needs to arrest Anwar, do it at 2:00:01pm. By then if Anwar still do not turn up, then by all means, they can arrest him. But you do not do it in advance. That damn bl**dy idiot deputy home minister (who I think have learnt a lot from Nazri Aziz), when asked to justify police action in arresting Anwar prior to 2.00pm said that "what is the difference between 20 minutes and 50 minutes?" My goodness!!! What sort of deputy minister that we have? The difference is 30 minutes la...why la you so stupid??? If that is the question asked by the deputy minister, let me ask him this question. Why didn't you arrest him last night at 8.00pm (so that he would not be able to appear on tv). What is the difference between today and yesterday? But to me that is besides the point. The point is keep your words. If you have a date at 2.00pm at Lake Garden, do not blame your partner for not being at the Lake Garden at 1.30pm simply because you arrived there at 1.30pm. And for this, even a primary school children knows about it.

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