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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lewd and Obscene Gesture by Bung Mokhtar (Part 2)

In response (not to my blog) to the dispute over his hand gesture, Bung Mokhtar has denied that he had made any lewd gesture as he said that he had merely slapped the back of his left hand with his right palm. ANd the best part is that he said (in his own words), "I don’t know what the interpretation of this is. I don’t feel I did anything wrong". Hahahahaha!!!!!!!! Then why did he make that gesture. For the benefit of those who did not watch the live telecast yesterday, let me tell you that Bung Mokhtar made that gesture after he was called "stupid" by opposition MPs. Now he is really proving himself a stupid by trying to justify or rather escape from his wrongdoing by making up story, which he himself is unable to explain.

Bung Mokhtar seen in this picture trying hard to b*lls**t on his lewd gesture

(Picture from Star online)

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