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Monday, July 28, 2008


Courtesy is defined as excellence of manners or social conduct, polite behaviour, a courteous, respectful or considerate act or expression.
I find it not too difficult to have courtesy in ourselves but there are just people out there who do not have courtesy or tend not to have courtesy in them. We do not have to fork out our money to show our courtesy. We do not even lose anything for our courtesy. So, why is it hard for some people to at least have the courtesy?
Last Saturday night, I went to Alamanda Putrajaya to have a dinner with my newly-wed friend (whose wedding I could not attend). If you ever went to Alamanda especially during weekends, you would know that it is difficult to get parking space at the lower level (of course if you go to the roof top level, there are a lot of empty spaces). So, while I drove around slowly to find the parking space to park my car, I saw this couple who had just walkout from their car. The driver forgot to switch-off the car light. So, I used my courtesy to just honk the driver (who, with his couple, was on the way to the entrance) to let him know about the lights on. Noticing my honk, he turned around and went back to his car to have the light switched-off without even looking at me. I would expect people with courtesy to at least look at me (for informing them) if not waiving at me as a sign of saying “thank you”. Unfortunately, this guy had no courtesy to do that when I had the courtesy to inform him. After that incident, I wonder if I should just drive away and let his car running out of battery.
There are a lot of other incidences where our drivers do not have courtesy such as driver does not acknowledge you when you give way to them (normally in kampung), driver does not give their signal to turn left when you are waiting at the junction to get into the main road.
So, do have courtesy in yourselves. Not only while you are on the road but anywhere and anytime. People are happy when you have the courtesy. What’s wrong with making people happy? Further, when you show your courtesy, it is also a sign that you respect others. People who do not have courtesy are RUDE!!!

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