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Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Idiots Speak Nonsense-The Unquotable Quotes

said about the transition of power to Najib in 2010

“I am glad that the transition plan has been well-received so far. I hope what we do will be for the good of the people and country,”

Comment: Perhaps he (Bedol) has not read about people crticising his transition plan. Forgive him if you can.

said about possibility of MIC delegates move a no confidence motion against him.

“If you all move and pass the resolution, I will walk out of the party,”

Comment: You idiot Samy!!! Of course you have to walk out of the party when people passed no confidence resolution against you. Don't you get it??? Never ever threat people as if you are indespensable.

said about his achievement as a PM of Malaysia

I'm used to making history that leaders before me had not achieved. The 2004 general election was the best but the 2008 result was the worst which no leader before me had achieved,”

Comment: He must be kidding. He was "proud" of achieving the worst result ever among all the PMs. Was it pre-planned?

said about BN's dismal performance in the 12th General Election.

"if Malaysians could change their attitude, repeating the historical 2004 general election results was possible".

Comment: He is still sleeping. That is why he keeps on "blaming" the voters for BN's dismal performance. Can somebody please tell him (Bedol) that it is the BN so-called leaders that need to change their attitude. Do not be arrogant.

said about why he chose Najib as his successor

"I chose Najib to be my successor because I am confident that he will be able to lead the party well,"

Comment: Come on Bedol!!! The whole world know that you picked Najib becuase he is your deputy. You have not much choice. If you picked someone else, Najib might be contesting for President post in December and you might lose.

said on his feeling to step down as a PM

"I feel a bit of sadness of course but nothing more than that because I feel more a sense of achievement. I feel I have taken an action which has been well accepted and that is what we want."

Comment: Achieve through sleeping??? Amazing right?

said about his feeling after being picked to be the next PM

Deeply touched.

Comment: Yeah. You are right, Najib. By the way, can the glass show you what is going to happen in 2010?

said after being picked to be the next PM

“I feel even more (touched) when Yang Amat Berhormat has given me the confidence.

Comment: Of course they have to have confidence in you even if they don't. Well, you know the spirit in BN. It is all about what you have to rather than what you want to.

said about what BN reps know best

“We (Barisan Nasional elected representatives) will concentrate on what we know best, that is to serve the people,”

Comment: Yu are right Nazri. You guys know the best and that was why you guys performed badly in the 12th general election.

said about double standard

“But if they (security guards) cannot control (MPs), then don’t practise double standards. I don’t allow double standards to happen in the House,”

Comment: Hahahahaha!!!! This must be the best joke of it all...hahahahaha!!!


loq aka said...

bro. leh copy artikel nie tak. lawak giler arrr. hehe!

Rozaimi Bin Mohd Said said...

Yes you may but do it at your own risk...

Syamsulfaiz said...

I suggest you keep this up and compile it as a book like that book "Malaysian Politician Say the Darndest Things"

Very funny...well done

Rozaimi Bin Mohd Said said...

Thanks...but writing a book??? Good idea but not at the moment...